South Atlantic Namibian Colony

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South Atlantic Namibian Colony
GlebianaFlag.pngCoat of arms of glebiania.png

Location of South Atlantic Namibian Colony.png
South Atlantic
Official language(s)English, Glebish, Swedish
- Type - Bicameral
Area claimed100 m²
Population0 (as of June 2013)
Time zone(UTC+1)

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The South Atlantic Namibian Colony (Glebish: Dett Suud Attlant Nambia Koloni), abbreviated SANC, is a 100m2 area in the South Atlantic and part of the Democratic People's Republic of Glebiania. Contrary to what the name suggests, the South Atlantic Namibian Colony is in fact not an actual colony. It is located outside of Namibian territorial water, on international territory, and at the time of claiming by Glebiania the area was unclaimed by any state or person. As of June 2013, there are no people living in SANC.


Originally 1000m2 large area, the South Atlantic Namibian Colony shrunk to 100m2 after Glebiania abnegated the majority of the area in late 2012. The area was the first land claim made by the Democratic People's Republic of Glebiania, and is explicitly mentioned in the Glebian declaration of independence. The area has never housed any inhabitants due to its isolated location, but the Glebian government plan a visit when the economy of Glebiania allows. The role of the South Atlantic Namibian Colony remains symbolic, as it has done since the founding of Glebiania.

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