Deputy Advisor of Nedland

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Deputy Advisor of Nedland
Style The Right Esteemed
Term length Indefinite
Inaugural holder Ned Greiner
Formation 28 September 2016
Salary $0.0075 per week

Deputy Advisor is the position that fills the role of deputy to the Chief Advisor of the Khanate of Nedland. The deputy advisor reports to the Chief Advisor, who is the head of government. The position is currently unfilled since the abdication of Stephen Freayth on March 14, 2017.

The first and current Deputy Advisor is Stephen Freayth or Kublai Ban, who was the deputy of Nedland in two different incarnations of the government. He was not elected.

List of Deputy Advisors

No. Portrait Name
Term of office

Political party Government Chief Advisor
1 SIRS.png His Excellency
Stephen Freayth
Khan of Terstegnia
MP for
28 September
14 March
Conservative Party Renwick
Patrick Renwick
Photo of Patrick 1.jpg
(28 September 2016-)