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Τράπεζα Καταθέσεων Μουζήλου, ΚΕΤ
Kassta Üteverän Mouzilan, VBK
Deposit Bank of Mouzilo, SCB
Type SCB
Headquarters Agiopolis, Mouzilo
Established November 28, 2017
Chairman Manolis Afentoulis
Reserves 24,175.8 (Jan 2019)
ACB Licence No. 103
Parent DBM Group
Owner Government of Mouzilo (100%)
Country of origin Mouzilo, Ashukovo

Deposibank, officially the Deposit Bank of Mouzilo, SCB (Greek: Τράπεζα Καταθέσεων Μουζήλου, ΚΕΤ, Trapeza Katatheseon Mouzilou, KET; Szredian: Kassta Üteverän Mouzilan, VBK) is the biggest and after November 2017 the sole commercial bank in Mouzilo. It was established in November 2017 after the merger of the Trust Bank of Mouzilo SCB and the Trade Bank of Mouzilo SCB, following the November 2017 banking system reforms. It is completely owned by the Government of Mouzilo through the state-controlled DBM Group. The bank is currently listed in the Hagiopolis Stock Exchange (HSE: TKM) and its reserves, as of December 1, 2017, are 8,265.84 Drachmas.