Departure of William Efton

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William Efton, former president of the Fifth Aenderian Republic as well as multiple other roles is currently in the process of leaving the micronational community due to a number of reasons, conflicts, and loss of interest.


Efton entered the community after an invite from Russell Gilzem to join Aenderia. He later participated in the first Aenderese political crisis and began his vice-presidency with Horatio Eden. Eden later resigned and gave Efton the presidency, which he later gave it to Jayden Lycon.

TOES-Vietcong incident

Leon Montan is in multiple groups with Efton, in which he gained controversy from not being formal as well as respectful, and was often criticized from Efton due to these incidents. On 28 April 2020, in the TOES group, Montan and Efton had a debate on various topics involving economics in the Western and Eastern world, in which Efton told that his grandparents were tortured by the Vietcong, in which Montan later told Efton that Efton thought that all leftists are tankies. Later, Montan told Efton to bother Chau Khang if he wants to talk about how bad the Vietcong was.