Oasis Islands Department of International Affairs

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Department International Affairs
Establishment November 21, 2012
Secretary Casey Hamlin
Status Operating
Agency Budget TBD

The Oasis Islands Department of International Affairs [commonly known as the State Department] is a cabinet-level department of the Oasis Islands. The department is in charge of diplomatic relations with other micronations, involvement in micronational organizations, and coordinating with the Department of Defense in military exercises and missions abroad. It is also officially responsible for relations with the United States and the nation's independent status.

The current Secretary of International Affairs is Casey Hamlin.

Secretary of International Affairs

The Secretary of International Affairs of the Oasis Islands is nominated by the President, who may choose themselves. The nomination is then sent to the Senate for confirmation. The current Secretary of International Affairs is Casey Hamlin.

Foreign Relations

Republic of Freedomia

On January 10, 2013, Secretary Hamlin approved Titus Smith's request for relations with the Republic of Freedomia. Throughout the course of early 2013, the nation's diplomatic relations with the Republic of Freedomia (now New Israel), deteriorated. On February 2, 2013, under the advice of Ambassador to Freedomia Titus Smith, President and Secretary of State Casey Hamlin suspended relations with the nation. But on April 1, 2013, Mark Williams II, Emperor of New Israel, declared war on the Oasis Islands, citing Smith's involvement in the country and his "militant pro-gay views". Hamlin, who is openly gay, fired back calling Williams "on the wrong side of history", and refusing to recognize, or take part, in any war.

The tensions had been continually escalating, with Hamlin openly condemning the nation and authorizing the Department of International Affairs to put forward all resources needed to reduce the tension. Over time, the tensions decreased and the situation tampered out temporarily.

Starting on July 13, 2013, New Israel was severely criticized by the MicroGroup community after attacking President Hamlin unprovoked, who in their words supported "perversions" for being gay with a video equating the argument against same-sex marriage and homosexuality using farm animals and analogies, thus starting the controversy again on a larger level. Their "war" with the Oasis Islands continued with the nation attacking the Oasis Islands for factually nonexistent inactivity and the nation's positive reaction to the overturning of the US Defense of Marriage Act. The Oasis Islands, as it did in April 2013, still refused to acknowledge the war as legitimate.

In late July, Hamlin began to become wary of the effects of the conflict on his nation and its standing in the micronational community, believing that the conflict had become too overblown. Contact began between Hamlin and Williams with Oasis Island News reporting on July 21 that the two nations were close to an agreement to end the conflict. These talks continued until July 23, when New Israel's internet assets suddenly disappeared and contact ceased.

On August 8, 2013, New Israel's online presence came back up with their new news website, New Israel Today. Shortly after that, the President and Williams began contact again and on August 26, 2013 it was announced that the two nations had officially ended the conflict.

Kingdom of Thesevale

On September 29, 2013, the nation officially entered diplomatic relations with the Kingdom of Thesevale.

Kingdom of Florenia

On November 12, 2013, after long conversations between the Secretary and Florenian Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Prince Nathan of Florenia, the two nations entered diplomatic relations.