Home Office (Breckland)

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Home Office (Breckland)
Established 27 April 2015
Headquarters Woodlands
Interior Minister John Gordon

The Home Office is the government body responsible for the internal affairs of the Kingdom of Breckland.

The Home Office has three main responsibilities. The first is border control - ensuring that no exiled persons or illegal items travel over the border. The second is registering any new residents that arrive in Breckland and keeping a regularly updated census of all citizens and subjects of the Kingdom. The Home Office is run by the Home Secretary. Since April 2015 this has been John Gordon.

To better co-ordinate the work of the Home Office, since 28 July 2011 its responsibilities have been carried out by specialized departments:

  • Immigration and Citizenship Agency
  • Census Agency
  • Royal Search and Rescue Corp
  • Secret Intelligence Service
  • Breckland Coast Guard