Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (Skovaji)

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Department for Business, Innovation and Skills


The logo used by the government.

Established 1st April, 2016
Country Skovaji
Nicknames Business Office


Run directly by Ofie derinvart hSkovagee
President Kerry Stapleton
Party Alleigance Evon-Mortarists
General Information
Headquarters Skovaji
Website Official Webiste

The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills is the Skovajan Governemnt department responsible for the promotion of important post-educational skills in Skovaji, and also for the regulation of the private sector. The department was first formed on 19 March 2016 with the merger of the Board of Economics and certain functions of the MicroWiki Board, creating a new cabinet post of Secretary of State for Trade and Industry. The new department also took on formally un-alloted responsibilities for monopolies and mergers. In April 2016, the department's responsibilities for promoting Skovaji's business internationally were transferred to the Bank of Wesley & Export Finance Board.


The department is responsible for Skovajan Government policy in the following areas:

  • business regulation and support
  • company law
  • competition
  • consumer affairs
  • corporate governance
  • employment relations
  • further education
  • higher education
  • innovation
  • insolvency
  • intellectual property
  • regional and local economic development
  • science and research
  • skills
  • training