Department for Agriculture (Shorewell)

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Department for Agriculture
Department overview
Formed 18 May 2016
Jurisdiction Shorewellese Empire
Headquarters Shehzadam
Employees 1
Minister responsible Eyad Siddiqui

The Department for Agriculture is the Shorewellese department for things related to farming, agriculture, and food. The Agricultural Department works hand by hand with the HIBA foundation. On May 18, 2016, the Shorewellese Empire started this department with the foundation of the nation and immediately planted mint, tomatoes, apples, and coriander seeds to grow and harvest.

The Department helped enormously in Shorewell's participation, joining, and acceptance into the International Agricultural Development Pact.

Aims and Goals of this Department are:

  • Promote Agricultural Trade
  • Promote Agricultural Production
  • Food safety and hazards
  • Protection of Natural Resources
  • End Hunger and Poverty

This Department increasingly works with other Ministerial Departments to achieve it's goals like the Department of Communities and Local Government. Furthermore, it receives a great amount of funds from the State Treasury for this Department to prosper.