Demonz Police Action 2011

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Demonz Police Action
Part of Police action against Demonz
DateAugust 16th, 2011-September 8th, 2011
Empire Republic of Freedomia, Republic of Demonz
Status Freedomian victory
Empire of Freedomia Official Police Republic of Demonz
Commanders and leaders
Mark II Sean Rackley
7 2
Prime Minister Williams stated that this was not a war, but rather a police action.


In May 2011, Sean Rackley taunted Freedomia and sparked a minor conflict, which ended with Operation Rural Liberation, involving the downfall of his regime. However, apparently in early August, he once again came to power in the Republic of Demonz. This greatly angered Prime Minister Mark II of Freedomia, so he decided to speak with President Rackley.

Discussions between Williams and Rackley heated, and anger sparked in both of them. In frustration, Williams suggested that Rackley declare war on Freedomia, so that he would be led to a second downfall. Rackley, to the surprise of the Prime Minister, obliged. Sean Rackley declared war on the Empire of Freedomia, and on that day began building up an army.

As a result of this war, the Empire commissioned a new weapon, the Class 1 Freedomian Military Baton.

The Police Action begins

It wasn't until August 22, 2011, when the first notable event occured. Although there were no military engagements, Williams personally began spreading propaganda against Rackley, all of which was accurate and true. Williams gained extra respect and influence by rescuing two lizards that one of Rackley's soldiers was torturing, and also showed his respect for nature by rescuing a leaf moth from torment from Rackley's army. This event was a tremendous success for Freedomia, and a tremendous blow to Demonz.

Also, on August 22, the Freedomians also began issuing propaganda, including the phrase, "Freedomia is forever, and Demonz is doomed". This decreased Rackley's popularity so much that Demonz nearly collapsed under the strain.

The National Transitional Council

On August 25, the National Transitional Council was founded for Demonz. The new Council founded the General Assembly, ordered Sean Rackley to surrender, and took over the war on Freedomia's behalf. Also, the name was changed to the Republic of Woodbase, and the military was disbanded. Sean Rackley's exile was also ordered. By now, Demonz was about to be undermined and Rackley was losing his power by the minute. Unfortunately, however, this Council did not last long. It was dissolved soon after.

Freedomian advance

On August 26, ten days into the police action against Demonz, Prime Minister Williams personally led the capture of a small playground, which happened to be a strategic location for the Republic of Demonz. Williams was instated as Military Governor, although it was a police action, and appointed police officers to maintain order. This further weakened the Republic of Demonz as they lost territory in the event.

Skirmish in the Gymnasium; dissolution of DNTC

By August 30, the Demonz nation was clearly crumbling. To contribute to this, Demonz lost a small skirmish that took place in a gymnasium near the playground that had recently been annexed by Freedomia. Demonz soldier Cody Erxleben was patrolling the area when he suddenly caught site of civilian Jessi Rodgers. Erxleben, according to Rodgers, threw a ball at him, which injured him. The ball struck his bad leg, bounced, and hit him square in the face. Rodgers yelled at the Demonz soldier and threatened to punch him, so Erxleben quickly retreated, and the Gymnasium de facto came under Freedomian police occupation.

Also on the 30th, the Demonz National Transitional Council was dissolved due to inactivity.

The Resolution Treaty

On September 7, Williams concluded that Freedomia was tired of the police action. He then decided to write a Peace Treaty, involving the occupation of Demonz, admission of Demonz into the Freedomian Commonwealth, and Sean Rackley retaining his power in a Provisional Government.

On September 8, Williams offered the treaty to Rackley, but he refused to sign, and instead shredded it to pieces, dipped it in peanut butter, and threw it away. Williams was not amused, and decided to find another way to win the war.

Prime Minister Williams decided, about two minutes later, to retrieve another copy of the treaty, and request that the de facto Minister of Foreign Affairs of Demonz signed the treaty. After a minute or so, Cody Erxleben agreed, and signed the treaty, thus ending the war. Williams became Military Governor of all of Demonz, and ordered the ousting of Rackley indefinitely due to his failure to comply.


After the signing of the Resolution Treaty, Cody Erxleben was appointed President of Demonz, Rackley was overthrown, and peace ensued between Demonz and Freedomia. Williams speculated that Demonz may need to be dissolved due to inactivity, but he did not take any action immediately on the issue.