Demographics of Sorrenia

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Ministry for Internal Affairs
Agency overview
Jurisdiction Sorrenian Federation
Headquarters Bowburn
Minister responsible Miles Pressland, Various Ministers

After several important votes that took place in Sorrenia, it was decided that a Ministry should be created to archive important votes, polls and other demographic information, such as religion. The Ministry began collecting information on the 6th of September, 2014, and all important issues are archived for public consumption on Microwiki.

Individual Votes/Polls

Name Graph Type of Information Date Held Other Information
National Assembly Election Results National Assembly Vote.png National Assembly Election 02/09/14 Only up to date until the 4th of September
Poll for the Cultural Advancement of Sorrenia Cultural Advancement Graph.png Open Poll 05/09/14
What should Sorrenia's attitude towards Monarchism be? Monarchism Pie Chart.png National Assembly Vote 06/09/14 As a result, Sorrenia now allows two Monarchies to operate inside Sorrenian borders
Updated National Assembly Seats National Assembly Updated.png National Assembly Election Results (Updated) 06/09/14 Updated due to various changes, the largest of which being a party unification

September Census (2014)