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Flag of Nedland.png
Coat of Arms of Nedland Updated.png
Coat of arms

All Hail the Glorious Nedland
Nedland location.png
Countries in which Nedland possesses land (currently inaccurate)

and largest city
ReligionGreek Orthodox Church
Ethnic groupsWIP

Governmentlocalist absolute aristocracy
-KhaganNed Gunderson
-Grand ViziersLudvig Svensson
Mikael Bokmann
Hasan Çakar
-LawspeakerWendell Farmer

LegislatureGreat Kurultay

EstablishedLate 2014
CurrencyNedlandic francmark
CGSC 3.8 (2017)
EPI 1.1 (2017)
MDI 4.25 (2017)
FSC 4.6 (2017)
HDI 0.933 (2017)
very high
Time zoneETC +1

This nation is a member state of the Holy Roman Empire.

Nedland, formally the Khaganate of Nedland (Cyrillic: Каганат ов Недланд; Šlovedkian: Kéhéntsvu Nidpudi, Norwegian: Khanatet Nedland) and also officially known as Allah Nation,[1] is a micronation primarily based in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan region of the United States, with territory in <number> other macronations. The country is divided into <number> noyonates and <number> departments. It is a member state of the Holy Roman Empire, which it shares significant historical ties with.

Nedland currently controls territory in the United States, but also in the United Kingdom, Bangladesh, the Czech Republic, Ghana, Cameroon, the Netherlands, Poland, Algeria, Romania, France, Pakistan, Spain, Italy, Serbia, Kazakhstan, and Switzerland. Nedland also has borders with the micronations of Sandus, Mercia, Austenasia, Hortania, Glastieve, and Lundenwic.

In 28 April 2020, the Nedlandic economy was declared to have gone into a recession by the nation's central NedBank, and a depression in June. Despite reaching a high of over 30 percent unemployment at its height, unemployment was estimated to have declined to 20 percent or below by October.



On May 24, NG founded an alliance which was called the MNTO (Micronational Treaty Organization), an organization dedicated to protecting its members.

The same day, the United Republics of Wolfpond and the Usian Republic joined. In the following days, many other states joined, including the Duchy of the Lowcountry and Mcarthia.

On May 27, due to reasons concerning MNTO, Duke Jeffrey Bellino withdrew the Lowcountry from the MNTO and withdrew recognition from Nedland. This was due to accusations of NG being untrustworthy and overly politically covert in his dealings with other members of MNTO. This then sparked the controversy that would eventually destroy the MNTO.

The MNTO held an election the same day for organization president. NG won with three votes. His opponent, Liam Raymond of Wolfpond, was appointed to various positions of power, including the leading adviser to the president.

On May 31, it dissolved for various reasons.

Pannonian War

The Pannonian War started when Liberland laid claim land claimed by South Maudlandia, and their president, Matthew Phillips, issued a warning to them. When Liberland ignored the warning and occupied the island of Siga, South Maudlandia declared war on Liberland.

On June 6, 2015, President NG issued a formal declaration of war against Free Republic of Liberland, bringing Nedland into the Pannonian War on the side of President Matthew Phillips of South Maudlandia. Nedland already viewed Liberland negatively, as Liberland had previously ignored a Nedlandic request for a treaty of mutual recognition.

When the Kid United Republic, who was on the side of South Maudlandia in the War, informed NG of the reasoning for the war, Nedland joined South Maudlandia in the effort to defeat Liberland before the Serbian or Croatian police would potentially intervene.

On June 7, Nedland withdrew its declaration of war, with President NG citing no advantageous outcome for any belligerent but South Maudlandia, and persuasion from Jackson Cole and Richard I of Mercia.

ILP reforms

The national flag adopted on 4 July 2015 during the ILP reforms. It is sometimes used as the unofficial flag of Greater Nedland.

On 4 July, Nedland adopted national reforms recommended by the International of Left-wing Parties: The government dissolved the Lunar Territory, made English the only national official language , and changed the national flag, among other minor reforms.

Nollandish Confederacy

On 26 July 2015, Nedland was admitted into the Nollandish Confederacy, a commonwealth/union of nations united in trade, diplomacy and such. Nedland joined mainly due to the fact that their friend-nations were members.

Nedland ceased membership in the Nollandish Confederacy after it was absorbed into the Empire of Paravia on 13 August 2015.

Coup and Joining Paravia

In a Facebook group message, President NG expressed his plans to "leave the micronational community" after Mathias L. Magnussen of Munkkia leaked a screenshot of a private message showing that NG had plotted to overthrow Joseph Kennedy, the Prime Minister of Austenasia. Following this, NG appointed Eren Lewis as head of the military and awarded Lord Grant Hawkins an autonomous republic to administer. Lewis held a coup against the Nedlandic government, installing Lord Hawkins as President of Nedland.[2]

NG sent a message to Hawkin's Facebook profile requesting he step down as president. Hawkins decided not to step down, and ruled Nedland for 4 days until he disbanded the landless government on 17 August 2015. Jackson/Horatio Eden, a citizen of the Universal Triumvirate, declared himself Ceremonial President of the Democratic Socialist Federation of Nedlandic Republics the same day, but without any remaining territorial claims, the title bore no authority.

Paravia stepped in to administer Nedland's territory on NG's request, becoming the Autonomous Region of Nedland on August 14, 2015.

During a brief confusion, the Abeldane Empire and Paravia split Nedland two ways - Abelden getting South Nedland (aka Abeldane Nedland) and Paravia getting the northern territories. NG discovered the deal via his email and objected, which sparked some international tensions. The original unwritten deal allowed Abelden to annex the Cameroonian Territory and only annex the rest of Nedland if a coup overthrew the Paravian government. Abeldane Nedland was eventually transferred to Paravia in accordance with the deal, leaving Abelden with the land formerly part of the Nedlandic Cameroonian Territory.

On 28 November 2015, the Autonomous Region of Nedland was officially disbanded.

State of Nedland

On 5 May 2016 Nedland was refounded as an independent state, officially called the Republic of Nedland, succeeding the newly-independent Šlovedkia after it had broken away from Paravia.

On 12 May 2016, Emperor Patrick I of Paravia became head of state. Nedland renamed itself as the State of Nedland, in accordance with having a monarch as head of state.

The State of Nedland hosted one autonomous area, Hiddleston and Alonia, which was formed from the remains of Quetico Street. It hosted the Quetico Microinternational Stock Exchange (QMSE) from 9 to 14 June 2016, before it seceded under leader Henry Twain.

Second Paravian Era

On 21 July 2016, Nedland rejoined Paravia as a federal state via the Treaty of Nyros, alongside Grémmia, the Usian Republic, the DRCC, and Dachenia.

Nedland declared independence from Paravia as the "Khanate of Nedland" on September 23, 2016.

Nedland seceded from the empire almost a month and a half from its annexation date, on November 14. They did so illegally, disregarding Paravian laws on formal secession. Initially, Paravian attempts to force NG to secede formally proved fruitless, and the Empire still recognized Nedland as part of Paravia. Several half-hearted attempts at referendums to leave were rejected by the government as inadequate.

After much controversy, NG agreed to stop his revolt and petition the government to secede with Nedland. The vote to leave was nearly unanimous, with 8 for and 1 against.

At the same time, another illegal secession movement led by NG in Abeldane Nedland received similar criticism. Technically, the dispute has not been solved because NG never held an official referendum. However, after revoking NG's Abeldane citizenship and naming him a persona non grata in Abeldane lands, Abelden finally decided to rescind their claim of sovereignty over Abeldane Nedland.

The Duchy of Romitria in Karnia-Ruthenia seceded legally one day after those pieces of Nedland in Paravia and Abelden, by informing the Emperor and allowing the Imperial Chamber to hold a formal vote on the secession of Romitria. The vote concluded in support of Romit secession, and Romitria was allowed to secede.

Khanate Era

After Nedland's secession, the government reformed into a khanate, and NG was crowned the Second Genghis Khan. However, in February, NG started a campaign to make Nedland serious again, banning all comical activity, as well as memes, from being used in politics. He disbanded the Ovaltine and Neutral parties because of this. This was a sad period in the history of Nedland.

Merger with Khorashan

On August 2017, Nedland's merging with the Empire of Khorașan was formalized. Nedland officially became one of two constituent countries, along with Khorașan


  1. Great Iurultae officially recognised 'Allah Nation' as a 'secondary nickname' for Nedland in Motion #103 on 14 November 2020.
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