Democratic Republic of Vitla

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Democratic Republic of Vitla
Repubblica Democratica di Vitla

FlagCoat of Arms

"Ad Astra per Aspera"
Official language(s)Italian, Vetlan
GovernmentDemocratic Republic
Established31st July 2007
Area claimedNon-Territorial Micronation
Time zoneUTC+1 (CET)
National animalThe Vetlan Calf
This nation is a member of the LOSS and UMI


Vitla, officially known as the Democratic Republic of Vitla (Italian: Repubblica Democratica di Vitla), is a non-territorial Italophone micronation.

One of the biggest Italian micronations in terms of population, Vitla is a founding member of the Italophone Micronations Union (UMI, Unione delle Micronazioni Italofone) and a member of LOSS.


According to the founders, the term 'Vitla' comes from the ancient word Vitlos ("calf"), which shares the same root of the word 'Italy'. When Greek settlers arrived in the south of Italy - the so-called Magna Graecia - they found a population of Calf worshippers. These people called themselves Vitlos or Vitulos and hence their land was called Vitalia. Greek people couldn't pronounce the letter 'V' so the term evolved in 'Italia'.


Founded on the 13th of April 2008 and based upon the freedom of thought and action, it seceded from the Republic of Vitla because of its dictatorial regime. The new Vitla was founded in order to return to the basic principles of the creation of Vitla. Subsequently, other new people joined up with the ex-Vetlan citizen. Today the current number of Vetlan citizens almost hits 30, among which includes two female citizen.

The Democratic Republic of Vitla is known also as the first Italophone micronation that wrote its Constitution together with all the citizens, by means of a Constituent Assembly.

In the micronation there are four political parties, that represent different ideologies, and several private clubs. The vetlan culture is in continual development.

Government and politics

The 10 December 2018 the college of probi viri was established and all other institutions were abolished.

Law and order

Judicial branch (Supreme Court+Ordinary Court)

Vetlan National Guard

Foreign relations

The Democratic Republic of Vitla entertains diplomatic relationship with the Repubblica Federale Leonense.



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