Democratic Republic of Ventaroka

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The Democratic Socialist Republic of Ventaroka (vent-AH-roh-KUH; Esperanto for 'windy rock') is a democratic socialist stateless nation/micronation in the southern Indian Ocean. The landmass which the inhabitants live on was formerly known as the Antipodes Islands, New Zealand. Many unique and endangered species live on the island, and as such, the government has taken great lengths to protect them. The nation is overseen by a Lead Victor and a Vice Lead Victor. There are 12 counselors and ambassadors, which also take the form of a high court, called the High Twelve.

Currently, the Lead Victor is Stewart Symons, and the Vice Lead Victor is Martin Kocher. The nation shares much of its political ideology with the Scandinavian countries. Other influences include Iceland, Japan, and South Korea.

The currency of the DSRV is based on a silver standard.