Democratic Republic of Savigno

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Democratic Republic of Savigno
Repubblica Democratica del Savigno

Anarchist flag.pngCOA Savingo.png

Motto Libertà, Uguaglianza, Fratellanza
Capital cityNorth of Savigno
Official language(s)Italian
Official religion(s)Selcuar
GovernmentDemocractic Oligarchy
- DogeMarino Brunetti
- Council ManEmielo Brunetti
Established1 September 1998
Area claimed54km2
Time zoneUTC+1

The Democratic Republic of Savigno was a micronation created on September 1, 1998, during the Savignoian Revolution, by the Brunetti and Giovanni family

Atlantis September Revolution

During the political fight between the extreme left and the right wing government in the Government there was a point when all the patriots and comrades decided to give the distrust for the Doge Niccolò Parmumati .The political fight soon turned on in a armed struggle, when the revolutionaries were branded as 'fascists' and Fillipo Olav declared DEFCON 5, ordering his troops to open fire on the people only to shoot down some rebels. Doge Marino Brunetti took control of the rebel movement with the collaboration of Emielo Brunetti and Luigi Giovanni