Democratic People's Republic of Kozlova

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Democratic People's Republic of Kozlova


Kozlova flag.png

Democracy, Equality, Unity
Kozlovans Unite!
Capital city Saklar City
Official language(s) English, Polish, Yoruba (Nigerian)
Official religion(s) Secular
Short name Kozlova
Demonym Kozlovan
Government Democratic People's Republic
- Supreme Leader (later President) Miles of Sorrenia
- Vice President Dominik Slowikowski
Legislature People's National Assembly of Kozlova
- Type - Unicameral
Established 06/06/12
Area claimed 6km2
Population 10
Currency British Pound
Time zone (GMT +0)
National animal Cat
was a member of the Kanton Alliance

The Democratic People's Republic of Kozlova was a micronation formed on the 6th of June, 2012, located in and around the city of Durham, United Kingdom. It based itself on Socialist principles, however allowed multiple parties to operate inside the nation.

Although deceased, Kozlova remains an important part of micronational history, specifically for the Sorrenian Federation which was created out of the remnants of Kozlova, albeit with a weaker communist identity.



Kozlova was formed by three people: Miles of Sorrenia, Dominik Slowikowski and Lewis Wild. It was their first micronation, and was built to be a "Socialist Utopia", as described by Miles of Sorrenia. Kozlova quickly attracted many friends of the founders, such as Llewelyn Lawton (who went on to play a large role in the micronational community), James Roycroft and Greg Gibbs. Kozlova quickly grew, and the Communist Party consolidated their power by creating the People's National Assembly. Miles of Sorrenia and Dominik Slowikowski managed to gain prominent roles in Kozlova, ensuring the Communist control over Kozlova (although other political parties were allowed).

Lean Months

For a number of months, Kozlovan growth slowed down, and citizens began to get upset over the state of stagnation. Miles and Dominik continued to work on Kozlova, and managed to calm the upset citizens. The lean months lasted from October (2012) to January (2013).


Prominent citizens in Kozlova began to publicly speak out against the communist rule, and citizens such as Llewelyn Lawton broke away from Kozlova, creating a new nation called Validor. Although Validor stated that they had no qualm with Kozlova, they did begin to urge others to leave, releasing propaganda against the Kozlovan government. Other citizens such as James Roycroft officially left Kozlova, after stating "they had no real role in Kozlova, there is nothing keeping us in the nation".


Dominik Slowikowski, one of the original founders officially left Kozlova late January (2013). This caused the political state in Kozlova to become incredibly unstable, as Kozlova had now lost the majority of its citizens. Lewis Wild finally left Kozlova in February and formed a rebel alliance between his nation, Yavaria and Llewelyn's, Validor. They named it Yavoka, and began to harass the government, in the form of online terrorism. The President of Kozlova began talks with the rebels, who stated that Kozlova: "must be destroyed. It has become pointless. We will destroy it!"

Although the Kozlovan Revolution was relatively peaceful, it restricted the government immensely. Yavoka was incredibly strong throughout the main area of Durham, with only one area (around St Leonards School) remaining loyal to the government, although even here loyalty was limited. The government did however manage to keep control in the north of Kozlova in the town of Chester-Le Street. Due to the immense size of Yavoka however, Kozlova ground to a halt, with little progress in the micronation.

Fall of Kozlova

Miles of Sorrenia, the President officially dissolved Kozlova on the 8th of February, 2013. Talks with the rebel forces of Yavoka had gone well however, and they agreed to create a new micronation, by the name of Sorrenia, based on the basic principle of Kozlova; egalitarianism. Kozlova had officially come to an end.