Democratic People's Republic of Kalrathia

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The Democratic People's Republic Of Kalrathia
4kue3k.jpgKalrathian Coat of Arms.png

Workers of the world, Unite!
V Put (В путь) (Lyrics)
Capital city Kalrathia
Largest city Kalrathia
Official language(s) English, Russian, Serbian, Latin
Official religion(s) Atheist
Short name Kalrathia
Demonym Kalrathian
Government Single-party People's Republic
Legislature The People's Senate of Kalrathia
- Type - Unicameral
Established July 16, 2011
Area claimed 2,290 km2
Currency Kalrath
Time zone (UTC-6)

The Democratic People's Republic Of Kalrathia, abbreviated to DPRK or Kalrathia is a Micronational Socialist State on the North American continent.

Kalrathia was founded by 1 revolutionary, Jonathan

Kalrathia is a Developed country with it's own currency and an advanced technological infrastructure.

Kalrathia is currently not apart of any international organizations or alliances, though it has signed into a mutual alliance with The Republic of Regaltia, with which it plans to further diplomacy with.


The name Kalrathia is derived from Kalrath, a fictionally claimed land in the game of "Minecraft".

Government and politics

The Republic of Kalrathia has gone through many different types of governments, changing from a revolutionary government, to a kingdom, anarchist, and now a Communist state, which it has stayed longest with. The Kalrathians have always worked towards spreading the word of Communism globally and are now working to convert other Micro-States as well.Though there have been no true Democratic votes within the Republic, the two grand leaders have been working towards getting the government in place for equal, fair voting across the republic.

Law and order

Kalrathia has no worldly annexed land, though Chairman Of The State the claims that the city of Omsk belongs to the Republic. The leaders are shown as the two, only lawful bodys, making some claim that it is a fascist state rather then a Democratic Communist state. Though the two do claim that there shall be a vote for a Head of the Judicial system, there have be no showing that they plan to. There has also been only been 3 recorded state imprisonment areas in the Republic, The State Correctional Institution, The Peoples Jail. The most massive of the 3 and the rumored Gulag, that was off on an island 1000s of miles from the State Capital. As of 2012, there has only been 3 known state criminal, But 13 Enemy's of the State, none have lived.

Foreign relations

The Republic has met with many of other micronations over its founding time, and many of those whom called themselves Empires, Republics Kingdoms, or Democracies have all found themselves at the hands of the Kalrathian people. Only one Nation survived the Kalrathian light, and they are ironically those that the Kalrathians got its freedom from, The Empire of Dragiona. Many have wondered if it was pride, respect or the fact that they did torture the Empire for there time being there, even still the Empire found itself destroyed by the Grand Hero Gordon, who gave himself to destroy the Empire, smashing the Empire into small enclaves, single-handedly.

Now that the Republic has began placing its foot out of the door into reality they have not truly met with those who call themselves a realistic microstate, though they are advocaters of Sealand and The Chairman of State was born out of the Soviet Union. (C.C.C.P.)


Since the Republic has been split on the line of false and true, there are different readings for their fake and real military actions. For the fake, The Republic has conquered on a many different things. From the total war workings of Federal and Revolutionary Japan, Napoleonic Europe, Ancient Greece, Rome to the Fictional Space ages, have all been seen as a part of the Republics many people and faces, and they are usually the last ones they see. As for realistic militant arms, The Chairman has been seen as the national warrior, as he is the lead of The Russian-Kazan Border Guard and has open arms to himself. The grand leader ThatGuy has prided the nation with the fact that it owns a personal AK-47 And multiple handguns, as well as a common joke among the people to "Never fear any people...As long as they don't have an Apache Helicopter"

Geography and climate

The land claimed by Kalrathia is, and has always been snowy and cold. Some believe it is based off of the idea that it is because the chairman was born In the Soviet Union. As for the Worldly land claimed by Kalrthia, the area around Omsk is also seen cold and slightly flat.


Fictionally, The Republic is a very rich people, their government was able to provide any and all that they wish to the people, as well as being able to send out a fully set army in just a few weeks. Realistically, Their income is not very centralized, and right now the chairman is the only one whom has given any money to the progress of Republic, due to him being the only one with the ability and power to. It has also been seen that the Chairman likes to import Bananas and Coco from the America to Russia.


The Symbol of The Republics Football Team.

The Republic, for the time only has Football and Track teams, It is looking to expand that to Hand-Ball,Baseball,Basketball,Field archery,Volleyball Snowboarding,Bowling,Judo,Jujutsu, Freestyle wrestling,Airsoft,Fencing,Swing dancing,Horse Raceing,Ice yachting,Trap shooting,Ice hockey,Polo,Free running,Chess,Chinese Checkers,Diplomacy,Mahjong,Cross-Country,Competitive Poatao eating,Air hockey,Knife throwing,Fist-Matching and Sword Skirmishing.

People's Senate of Kalrathia

The current members and positions of The People's Senate of Kalrathia are as follows: