Democratic People's Republic of Greece

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Democratic Peoples Republic of Greece
Λαικη Δημοκρατια Της Ελλαδος

DPRG flag.png

Prosperous and Glorious Nation
Capital cityKim Il Sung Sqaure
Largest cityMt.Parnitha
Official language(s)Esperanto,Mandarin,Chinese,Greek,English
GovernmentSingle-party Juche-Maoist Autocratic Dictatorship
- ChairmanVassilis Spiliopoulos
- Radio ChairmanEmmy Teve
LegislaturePeople's National Assembly
- Type - Unicameral
Established27 July 2014
Time zone-2 minutes than greek time

The Democratic People's Republic of Greece, also known as Communist Greece, is a communist micronation located in Greece . It is surrounded on all sides by the Hellenic Republic. Its government is a self-described Single-party Juche-Maoist Autocratic Dictatorship led by the Workers Party of Greece. The DPRG declared independence in 2013 from Greece following a declaration of Chairman,Vassilis Spiliopoulos sent to the Greek government. The DPRG' government states it is heavily influenced by Maoism and Juche. The government states it focuses on creating a classless society. The country operates a nationalised healthcare system and assumes fiscal and administrative responsibility for the National Health Services of DPRG for all citizens. The DPRG has a 100% literacy rate and a comprehensive free education system.


Three years after the Greek government-debt crisis,Vassilis Spiliopoulos , leader of the Workers Party of Greece spoke out against the Papoulias ministry and the Greek government. He spoken to some citizens of Athens about the idea of a breakaway territory to avoid the Papoulias ministry and the Greek government. People were treated unfair under the Greek government Vassilis Spiliopoulos proclaimed the establishment of the Democratic People's Republic of Greece