Democracy Party

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Democracy Party of Iustus
LeaderEthan Obsidian
PresidentMarie Gervais
Slogan"Fairness for All!"
FoundedJune 2018
HeadquartersCurtis City
IdeologyDemocratic Socialism
Anti capitalism
Political positionLeft
Official colorsRed
Parliament of Iustus
6 / 10

The Democracy Party of Iustus is a political party that is recognized by the Iustian Parliament. It was founded on 23 June 2018 by Austin Jaax the incumbent Emperor of Iustus, it is considered to be the successor of the Democratic-Socialist Party of Iustus, the Democracy Party is currently led by Ethan Obsidian, who is the current Prime Minister.


The Democracy Party was founded on 23 June 2018, shortly after the dissolution of the Democratic-Socialist Party. After it's formation several Representatives formally aligned with the Democratic-Socialist Party joined the Party soon after it's formation, gaining two seats in the House. During the November 2018 Iustian General Election, Democracy gained one seat in the House, forming a weak Minority in the Legislature, with Jordan Micheals being elected as Prime Minister. After the formation of the Faire, the Democracy Party, and Iustus Now formed a collation to the strengthen Left to Center-Left influence within Parliament. Jordan Micheals was ousted as Leader of the Party in May 2019, due to his low confidence within the Party, in mid June 2019 several accusations were launched against Jordan of abusing marijuana with his ability to Represent the Government being called into question. on 18 June 2019 a Motion of No Confidence was tabled against the former Prime Minister with the Motion passing. The outcome of this was Jordan being forced to resign as Prime Minister, and Ethan Obsidian being appointed Prime Minister by the Monarch.

Prominent political positions

The Democracy Party holds a number of political positions including:

  • To Support Socialist economics within the Empire
  • To Promote worker co-operatives in Commerce and Business
  • To promote equality for all people within the Empire
  • To establish an Iustian Military
  • To support an open Government
  • To promote environmentalism

Election results

Election year Leader Members of Parliament
2018 Jordan Micheals
3 / 8
2019 Ethan Obsiden
6 / 10