Declaration of Sabovian Independence

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The Declaration of Sabovian Independence is a statement adopted by the Imperial Government on Arial 1, 2013 which announced that Sabovia regarded themselves as an independent state, and no longer apart of the United Kingdom. The original copy of the Declaration is in the Tetbury Town Council building. The document was signed by Andrew I.

Text on Document

Dear Sir or Madam When the United Kingdom is challenged by the current parliament, it comes part of a people’s lives to break away from the current ruling power and identify themselves differently from others. The United Kingdom’s current status is failing and it’s time to move on. The Sabovian people hereby declare an independent principality bordering the British town of Tetbury; Sabovia claims about 2.281 km (154860.822 m²) around the north of the town, west of Sir William Romney’s School. Building on the land is strictly against international law and result in being boycotted and it will removed from Sabovia. According to the Montevideo Convention to be able to be a country you need “a defined territory, a permanent population, a government and capacity to enter into relations with the other states”; Sabovia has all four of these. The other reasons we’re declaring independence are: Breaching the Freedom of Speech Law of the EU Internet Censorship Not giving voting rights to prisoners Being run by the Church, not the People We can also assure you that this is not an “April Fools” joke and we are serious about Independence for our nation. We thank you for your time that you took to read our declaration: Yours Sincerely, Andrew I