Data Disaster

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Data Disaster
Data Disaster poster.jpg

Directed by Nathan Holmes-King
Produced by Nathan Holmes-King
Zack Janczura
Story by Zack Janczura
Screenplay by Nathan Holmes-King
Starring Boniface Thaçi
Jay Ruz
Denis-Mihai Vlăsceanu
Iordan Luca
Andrew Emersonac
Petru Craciunoiu
Sam Marsden
Music by Iordan Luca
Edited by Seann Torres
Cameron Koehler
Country Republic of NZRE
Language English

Data Disaster is an upcoming NZRE animated short film directed by Nathan Holmes-King.


The film follows the adventure of Captain Zamora transporting confidential data from one military base to another.

Full cast and crew

  • Directed by: Nathan Holmes-King (co-director: Zack Janczura)
  • Produced by: Nathan Holmes-King, Zack Janczura
  • Executive Producers: Nathan Holmes-King, Zack Janczura, Cameron Koehler, Boniface Thaçi
  • Story by: Zack Janczura
  • Screenplay by: Nathan Holmes-King




  • Nathan Holmes-King
  • Sam Marsden
  • Muhamad Ridho Bahri



Sound design

  • Citizen Foffie
  • Andrew Emersonac



  • Jay Ruz
  • Jack Declan
  • Andrew Emersonac


Special thanks

Production history

Production officially began on 18 August 2018. Currently, the film is being produced by the League of Micronations along with the Republic of NZRE. The sign-up form to join the production team can be found here. The form contains links to the script and current production team.

On 2 November 2018, Data Disaster was accepted by IMDb.


The production team plans to release the film on YouTube. The film's release date is not currently planned.

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