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Darwin Eugenio (born 2 May 1994) is a Filipino writer, social freethinker, and Chemical Engineering degree holder. He is the author of The Imperial-Federal Philippines, a historical fiction piece depicting the progress of the Philippines under a benevolent dictator. This literary work, along with his deep interest in political science, allowed him to appreciate micronationalism and serve as a government official of the State of Ariana while simultaneously studying Chemical Engineering in the prestigious University of Santo Tomas in Manila.

Early life and career

Eugenio was born 2 May 1994 in Marikina City.

Primary Education

Being an avid book lover, his diligence in learning later resulted in him being awarded as the "Most Outstanding Student"[1] in Charis School, a non-sectarian private school in Marikina City.

In the third grade, Francis transferred to O.B. Montessori Pagsasarili School, a montessori school located in southern Marikina. The new system of learning that he was exposed to remarkably stimulated his thirst for knowledge and learning and since then he would enjoy being at school. It was in fourth grade that Darwin founded the "Dar Recycling Centre Inc", a group that primarily advocates recycling. His group, during its apogee, would have a staggering 50 active members. However, internal strife led to its downfall in 2005. A similar organization, Spyware Inc, was founded in July 2006, but it never achieved the same glory as the first group for it became stale and inactive. During those years, Francis became more and more concerned for the environment. He then began watching environment-themed documentary shows. It was in 2006 when he wrote his first adventure story. Soon he would write more short stories during his free time, partly because his classes were only from 7 AM – 12 NN. The competition between the few students would heat up as graduation neared. On March 2007, Francis and his 8 classmates graduated.

Secondary and Tertiary Education

He took his secondary education at the Marikina Science High School. It was in 2010 when his interest in learning history kindled. By reading library books and internet resources, he began to learn more about history of mankind during Antiquity. He graduated in March 2011. He decided to pursue his tertirary education in the University of Santo Tomas in Manila, despite having a chance to wait and take a slot in the University of the Philippines Manila.

During his stay in the University of Santo Tomas, he also became the co-founder of a quasi-fraternity named Alpha Sigma Kanoria (the last word not being Greek). It is currently lead by Grand Master John Paul Reburiano, hailing from Quezon City. Eugenio was designated as the Senior Magistrate (3rd highest position) on 9 June 2013, a post he humbly accepted.

In early January 2014, John Paul Reburiano became a citizen of the State of Ariana and was later appointed, upon recommendation by Eugenio, to be the Chairperson Judiciary of the said state.

In April 6, 2014, Eugenio founded the City of Darvinos after being granted permission the state government.

After the establishment of the Rajahnate of Namayan as the successor state of Ariana, Eugenio served as its first Prime Minister from 1 October 2014 until 1 January 2015, wherein he was succeeded by Timothy Laranang.


Eugenio believes in sustainable growth but also stresses the need to fight the temptation to over-consume goods (especially packaging-related products) just for the sake of being in or simply aesthetic purposes. He believes that corporate greed is blocking the efforts of good-willed men, him included, in the fight against Climate Change.


Political offices
Preceded by
Office Established
Prime Minister of Namayan
1 October 2014 - 31 December 2014
Succeeded by
Timothy Laranang
Preceded by
Aliana Almazan
Chairperson Ordinary of the State of Ariana
17 May 2014 - 20 July 2014
Succeeded by
Timothy John Laranang
Preceded by
Office Created
Chairperson Ordinary of the State of Ariana
17 June 2013 - 6 March 2014
Succeeded by
Timothy Laranang