Danlandic language

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Danlandic flag.png
Created byEarl of Dania
Spoken inDania and the Earl's conworlds.
Total speakers1
  • Italic
    • Romance
      • Ibero-Romance
        • West-Iberian
          • Dannish

The Dannish language is a Romance conlang invented by the Earl of Dania, as the official language of the Kingdom of Danland, as well as the fictional nations (invented by dancar) of Danace and Pintofino.


Dannish was first invented by the future Earl of Dania in Summer 2006, when he used it as the official language for the fictional country of Daniel-Pallace. On August 9, 2011 it became the second official language of then Kingdom of Daniel-Land.


Dannish Carlos jega futbol.
English Carlos plays Football (soccer).
Spanish Carlos juega Fútbol.
Portuguese (European) Carlos joga futebol.

Grammar Rules

Most Dannish words may be modified Ibero-Romance or Latin words. Hints are:

  • Words that contain "ue" in Spanish, becoming "e" in Dannish. For example: Bueno/Beno, Juega/Jega.
  • Most animal names in Dannish, may be borrowed from Latin, such as Catus (cat), Leo (lion), etc.
  • Most foreign words in Dannish are pronounced the same as in the language where they are borrowed from: such as Iceberg is pronounced same as in English, Mario (as in Super Mario Bros.) is pronounced same as in Japanese or Italian and Renault is pronounced the same as in French (French pronounciation: "Reno").


Pronunciation is similar to Spanish, Portuguese and Japanese.