Danatian presidential election, January 2018

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Danatian presidential election, January 2018
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Candidate Daniel Lee M'Master Cire of Inglind
Party Coalition for Danatia(CfD) Birthday Party
Home state Attoria Inglind

Incumbent President

Daniel Lee

The Danatian presidential elections, January 2018 is the first presidential election to take place in Danatia.


On 23 January 2018, incumbent president Daniel Lee announced there would be snap election on 30 January 2018. This election is expected to be the final election before the enactment of the constitution.


Daniel Lee is the current unelected president of Danatia. He is running as a member of the Coalition for Danatia. He identifies as a social democrat.
Cire is the current M'Master of Inglind. He is the only noble of Danatia. He is running as a member of the Birthday Party(Inglind), a toy rights, Pro-Inglindian independence and non-serious party. He has been controversial as he announced "I will let my toys vote and all vote for me". Daniel Lee criticized him as an authoritarian and a non-serious. He is also the leader of the Opposition.


Daniel Lee announced the elections will be cancelled and will be held "As soon as Constitution allows it".