Damstadian Empire

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The Damstadian Empire

Coat of Arms

The Most Grand of Empires. Die meisten großen Imperien
Capital city Petra Magna
Largest city Old Petram
Official language(s) English (official), Kryl, French, Spanish, German (unofficial)
Short name Kronossia
Demonym Damstadian
Government Unitary Monarchy
Kaiser Joseph I
Established 4th February 2012
Area claimed ~174240 sq ft
Population 17
Currency Pound Sterling (£)
Time zone UTC
National animal Red Fox

After a vote between the citizens of the Socialist Republic of Kronossia, the citizens decided they did not want to live under socialist rule, and that they preferred the country when it was a Kingdom. So, the Damstadian Empire was created. A constitutional monarchy, The Damstadian Empire is ruled by Kaiser Joseph I the first, and he is the head of the state. Prime Minister Alex Langdown decides the laws, and the Emperor says whether they should be passed or not.


After dissolution of the Socialist Republic of Kronossia, on the 1st of February 2012, then President Joseph Grist, and Prime Minister Alex Langdown, began working on a new form of government. The approach was simple, start a vote between the citizens. An entire list of different forms of government were laid out, ranging from Republics to Monarchies, and Dictatorships to Totalitarian governments. Finally on February the 3rd, The Socialist government would become a Monarchy. Thus, the Damstadian Empire was born.


Claiming Land

The process of claiming land was a simple process. If anyone were to become a part of the country, they would have to claim at least one room in their home, thus making the Empire larger. They would also either print a copy of the Damstadian flag, or draw it, and place it on their wall, door, or ceiling, or even their floor.