Damariscottan Code Standardization

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Damariscottan Code Standardization
Damariscottan Koda Normigado
Formation 26th May 2021
Nation Flag of The Damariscotta.png Maritime Republic of The Damariscotta
Type National Program
Headquarters Canton of Machigonne
Official languages English
Advisor Chandler

The Damariscottan Code Standardization is an Damariscottan standard-setting body for the Maritime Republic of The Damariscotta. Founded on 26 May 2021, the organization develops and publishes Damariscottan codes and standards. It is headquartered in the Canton of Machigonne. The DCS has its own codes based off the Internal Organization for Standardization.

Name Status
Types of Codes
DCS-2 Two Letter Code
DCS-3 Three Letter Code
DCS-Numeric 001-050 Regional Divisions
DCS-Numeric 051-100 Governing Positions and Bodies
DCS-Numeric 101-150 Armed Forces
DCS-Numeric 151-200 Diplomatic Affairs
DCS-Numeric 201-250 Honors and Awards
DCS-Numeric 251-300 Supranational and National States

Supranational and National Codes

Name Status DCS-2 DCS-3 DCS-Numeric
Alewife Confederation Supranational State AC AEC 251
New England Sector Sector NE NES 252
National State
Maritime Republic of The Damariscotta National State MR MRD 253
State of Moxie National State SM SME 254
Regional Divisions
Nova Maria Capital Region NM NMA 001
Naples Canton NA NAS 002
Quoddy Canton QU QUY 003
Machias Canton MA MAS 004
South Misberia Canton SM SMA 005
Calais Canton CA CAS 006
Machigonne Canton MC MCE 007
Lygonia Commune LY LYA 008
O'Brien Commune OB OBN 009
Henri Commune HE HEI 010
Beechville Overseas Territory BE BEE 013
Maqehhik Pemskutek Overseas Territory MP MPK 014

Governmental Positions and Bodies Codes

Name Status DCS-Numeric
Governmental Positions
Ĉefministro Head of State 051
Spriecher vun der Natioun Head of State 052
Premier MInister Head of Government 053
Sekretär vum Staat Head of Legislature 054
Primate Head of Church 055
Chancellor Head of Education 056
Damariscottan Ministro Minister 057
Moxie Minister Minister 058
Advisor Advisor of Club/Org 059
Governmental Bodies
Parlamento de Maria Legislature 061
Assemblée Constituante Legislature 062
High Court of The Atlantic Court 063
Kortumo de Damariscotta Court 064
Sekureca Specialtrupo Secret Service 065
Ministro pri Internaj Afero Ministry 066
Ministerio pri Fisko Ministry 067
Ministerio pri Komunumaj Afero Ministry 068
Ministerio de Lygonian Armeo Ministry 069
Preĝejo de La Sankta Marbordo Ministry 070
Bannenzeg Affären Ministry 071
Auslännesch Affären Ministry 072
Kulturell Affären Ministry 073
Church of The Holy Coast Church 074
Birch University Educational Center 075
Damariscottan Media Association National Media 076
State Bank of The Damariscotta National Bank 077
Fish Anime Association Club 078
Mara Laborista Movado Club 079
Agrarian Commune National Program 080
Damariscottan Code Standardization National Program 081
Imperial Passamaquoddy Flag Collection Collection 082

Armed Forces Codes

Name Status DCS-Numeric
Admiral Head of Armeo 101
Squadron Vice Admiral Co Leader of Armeo 102
Vice Admiral Co Leader of Armeo 103
Vertrieder fir Lygonian Armeo Advisor of Armeo 104
Maritime Gendarmerie N/A 105
International Gendarmerie 106
National Armeo Medical Service 107
Instalations and Units
Military Port N/A 108
Barracks 109
Health Centre 110
Maritime Crew 111
MP Unit 112
Infantry Unit 113
Medical Corps 114

Diplomatic Affairs Codes

Name Status DCS-Numeric
Chief Ambassador Ambassador 151
Chef Ambassador Ambassador 152
Mutual Recognition N/A 153
Cultural Program 154
Land Transfer 155
Other 156

Honors and Awards Codes

Name Status DCS-Numeric
Honors and Awards
Patro / Patrino de Mara Respubliko Honor 201
His/Her Protector of Nova Maria Honor 202
Honorary Citizen Honor 203
Mawakutomucik Honor 204
Noble and Sovereign Order of Machias Honor 205
The Most Honorable

Order of St. Aloysius Gonzaga

Award 206
The Order of The Northern Star Award 207
The Order of Moxie Award 208
Bobwhite Medal of Leadership Award 209