Artemis Berry Langford

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The Right Honourable and Her Imperial Majesty
Artemis Baca
Portrait by Prince Xavier, 2017
Governor-General of the Protectorate of Cinnamon Creek
Assumed office
11 November 2016
Grand Duke of Lundenwic
Prime Minister of Lundenwic
HIH Julian I, Imperial Grand Duke of Lundenwic
General Lord Mike Lewis, Rt. Hon. Prime Minister of Lundenwic
Predecessor Office established
Successor Incumbent
Capitol Province Capitol District- A (Green-Socialist Party of Cinnamon Creek won District A)
Co-Prime Minister of Custosia
Assumed office
27 May 2017
Monarch of Custosia King Edward I
Co-Prime Minister of Custosia Christopher Woods
Predecessor Office established
Successor Office Deestablished (Dissolution of Custosia)
Queen of St. Castle
Assumed office
30 June 2016
Predecessor Monarchy established
Successor None appointed
Empress of the Federal Empire of Aarbaro
Assumed office
20 June 2017
Predecessor Throne established
Successor Throne Abolished
Assumed office
August 23rd, 2017
Monarch Stephen Freayth
Vorsitzender Newton von Uberquie
Predecessor Avro Keatings
Personal information
Born 17 October 2001 (2001-10-17) (age 20)
Citizenship Sandium;
Nationality United States of America (Macronationallity)
Residence 2
Nickname(s) Art, Arty

Artemis J Baca is the Rt. Honorable Governor-General of the Protectorate of Cinnamon Creek, the current Queen of Kingdom of St. Castle in Abelden, and the current Empress of the Federal Empire of Aarbaro. She is an intermicronational politician and well-known former leader and founder of the defunct Democratic Republic of Cinnamon Creek, both constitutionally and de facto, founder of DRCC.

A democratic-ecosocialist, Artemis has been mostly socialist for most of her political career. Starting her early micronational career in early 2014, before joining the MicroWiki forum on the 15th of March 2015 and finally joining Skype later in early 2016. Known as Dallin J. Langford and Jackson Cole before coming out to the community on the 12th of June 2017. Since joining the community, she has established the Democratic Republic of Cinnamon Creek which later merged into the Protectorate of Cinnamon Creek under the Treaty of Mir with the Imperial Grand Duchy of Lundenwic. Maintaining her career since 2016, in Cinnamon Creek and various nations as a citizen which includes Abeldane, Mcarthian, Essian, Mercian, Sandium, Custosia which she has an active role of many positions in those nations.

She is currently Governor-General of the Protectorate of Cinnamon Creek, Co-Prime Minister of Custosia, and being Minister of Interior and Security in Abelden, and holds various offices and positions in many other nations.

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