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Peoples' Commissariat of Daeteria

“Libertas, Ordo, Viribus.”
"The Internationale"
Capital cityFoundersville
Official language(s)English
GovernmentPeoples' Commissariat
- CommissarComrade Ulthar
LegislaturePeoples' National Congress

Daeteria, officially The Peoples' Commissariat of Daeteria, is a micronation based in the principles of Juche. It was first declared independent in June of 2019. It has since taken several forms, always under the same name. Its earliest chapter was as a republic, followed by a monarchy, then to another type of republic, and ending in the current Commissariat.


The government of Daeteria is comprised of a unicameral legislature (The Peoples' National Congress) and the Commissariat. The Commissariat acts as the executive branch and Congress acts as both a legislative and judiciary branch. Congress currently has 10 seats, and Comrade Ulthar is Commissar-for-life. Congressional general elections are held annually.


The Commissar is constitutionally a military leader before anything else, and as such, the military has top priority. The Daeterian Military has four branches: The Army, The Navy, The Air Force, and the uniquely Daeterian Occult Branch.