Democratic Da'klawedian Empire

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Democratic Da'klawedian Empire
Tlaatu'oo Tanaa Da'klawedi

Da'klawedian flag1.png
Less. Da'klawedian CoA.png
Coat of Arms

Scientia Potentia Est
Hymn to Freedom
Da'klawedi map2.png
Da'klawedi within the United States
Capital city Tlaxaaneis
Largest city Tlaxaaneis
Official language(s) Da'klawedian, English, Spanish
Demonym Da'klawedi
Government Constitutional direct-democratic monarchy
- Emperor HM Emperor Jaakob I
- Federal Council Da'klawedian Federal Council
Legislature See above
Established 25 June 2014
Area claimed 5 square kilometres
Population 4
(not including non-citizens within Da'klawedi's borders)
Currency Da'klawedian Note
Time zone UTC-8
National animal Labrador Retriever
Patron saint Saint James the Just