DR of Taughmaconnell

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This micronation is now inactive due to government reforms, New nation of Kingdom of Roscommon

Democratic Republic of Taughmaconnell
Flag of taughmaconnell.png FlagArms of taughmaconnell.png Coat of Arms

gather round thy holy well
Capital cityTaughmaconnell
Largest cityMonksland
Official language(s)English
Official religion(s)Roman Catholicism
Short nameTaughmaconnell
GovernmentDemocratic Republic
- PresidentSamuel
- PresidentSamuel
- Number of seats - 4
- Last election - None Yet
Established3rd of May 2019
Disestablished5th of May 2019
Area claimed187 km² (72.2011 mi²)
Time zoneGMT+0, (Daylight savings GMT+1)
National sportFootball
National animalSheep
Patron saintSt. Ronan

The Democratic Republic of Taughmaconnell is a Democratic Republic located in central Ireland. It was founded on 03/05/2019 as a successor state to the Kingdom of Connaught (Duchy of CC).


The government is a Democratic Republic. The sole legal party in the state is the Social Democratic Workers Party. The Parliament consists of 4 members plus the president


The predecessor state was the Kingdom of Connaught which was founded on 06/04/19 by the current president of Taughmaconnell. Connaught decided to change its name to Taughmaconnell and decrease the amount of land it controlled because such a large amount of land was hard to control and didn't feel personal anymore.

Diplomatic Relations

Taughmaconnell is part of the Organisation of Active Micronations, Micro European Union and the Citizenship Alliance. It has applied to join GUM Taughmaconnell recognises the members of all alliances it has joined. Taughmaconnell is always open to diplomatic relations.