Democratic People's Republic of Sholand

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Democratic People's Republic of Sholand
DPRS flag.pngCCC.png

"Strength through chickens, chickens through eggs, eggs through chickens (et cetera)"
The internationale (clucked)
Durham, United Kingdom
Capital cityThe desk
Official language(s)English, Chicken noises
Official religion(s)Coo Cluck Clan
Short nameSholand, DPRS
GovernmentSocialism, Constitutional Dictatorship
- Chicken SandwichChicken Sandwich
- General SeCootaryMicroProject Copy Edit/Nation page guide/John AB Citizen
LegislatureNicholas' head
CurrencySholandic Star
Time zoneGMT
National animalchicken
Patron saintChicken sandwich
This nation is an observer state of the League and Commonwealth of Durham Micronations

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The Democratic People's Republic of Sholand is a micronation founded on 16 August 2017. It was dissolved into the CCC Land on that same day. However, it re-declared independence a day later. It is not known if this country is a joke. The size of its territorial claims are unknown.


The Etymology of the Democratic People's Republic of Sholand comes from the word "Sho" the Japanese name of the founder, Nicholas Hayes.


Original inspiration for the idea came from an IT project in school. The founder had heard of Micronationalism and made a website for the fictional micronation of the "The High Sovereign of the Democratic Socialist People's Republic of eighty-one oak street" in an attempt to satirise micronationalism. A few years later, the founder revisited the idea by making it a reality but instead decided to make it more believable by making the "Democratic People's Republic of Sholand". Though he considered this more credible than his fictional state, it is unclear how seriously he is taking his micronation.

As a member of the Coo Cluck Clan he decided to propose that his nation tied in with the Coo Cluck Clan religion and to make it part of the Coo Cluck Clan Land. Shortly after declaring independence it merged with The earl of the beetroot kingdom's Winter and Summer retreat's clock presents the land of the very week but good fruiting redcurrant bush's part time fruit picker's bedroom to form Coo Cluck Clan Land.

The next day at 15:09 Sholand decided to have an amicable split from Coo Cluck Clan land, permanently forming an independent nation.

Government and politics

The head of state of Sholand is the Chicken Sandwich. The Chicken Sandwich was a sandwich thrown onto a yard, and has been removed, making Sholand a Necrocracy, where the head of state is dead, similar to North Korea. The head of Government is the Shogun, who has absolute power over his country, making him the dictator.

Sholand is officially a socialist country, although this is mainly cultural, as Sholand lacks a developed economic system, meaning that it is hard to give a label to the economy. Also, only one citizen resides in Sholand, meaning that there is no developed welfare system. Due to its socialist ideology, it has supported other socialist and left-wing movements, notably Proletistan and a trade union in the British Empire.

Law and order

The Sholandic judiciary system is controlled by the Minister for interior, Lieutenant- General, Sir, Canon, Professor,President, Its most highly revered, the Vanguard of the shelf, wielder of the spines, High Priest of the Sholandic Church of the Coo Cluck Clan, Conqueror of capitalism, With it’s grace like a chicken, The moderately spiky, Comrade Cactus of the Democratic People’s Republic of Sholand. PHD, DIPLOMA, MP, QC, IKEA, BA, ETC.

Foreign relations

The DPRS has diplomatic relations with an an alliance with the British Empire. It also has recieved foreign aid from the British Empire.

There was tension between the DPRS and the CCC Land, which the DPRS seceded from. The CCC Land did not recognise this secession at first, however with the promise of them controlling the state religion, the secession was recognised.

Sholand became an observer state in the League and Commonwealth of Durham Micronations on the 9th of April 2018.


Sholand has an Expeditionary force it can deploy at any time.

Sholand fought one war, intervening on the side of the Proletistan in the Pecuniam revolution on the 6th of October. The conflict has since been resolved woth a ceasefire and peace treaty.

Geography and climate

The DPRS is entirely in the North of England and has a maritime climate.


Sholand claims that it has a more productive economy than every other country it has been in contact with combined. The largest export of Sholand is the arms industry. The country's only natural resources ares the bamboo and apples that it has claimed. Sholand refines and fashions the bamboo into various weapons. The largest import is flags. It is currently in debt to its closest ally, CCC Land

Under the decision of the Shogun, the currency, the Sholandic star, is coupled to the value of a piece of bamboo 3 segments long. This length is referred to as a "discipline rod".

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