DPRF National Basketball League

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DPRF National Basketball League
League DPRF National Basketball League
Sport Basketball
Duration 2017
Final Four
Champion TBC
Runners-up TBC


The league was formed on the 8th Feb. 2017.There is 4 teams.It is the national basketball league of the Democratic Peoples Republic of Farrar.


Team City Colors
Werewolves DPRF.svg Farrar City          
Monsters DPRF.svg Farrar City          
Queens DPRF.svg St.Roger          
Twisters DPRF.svg St.Roger          

other teams are Jazz and Buffalos

Fixtures and results

Round 1: Werewolves(H) 82-91 Twisters(A)

Monsters 102-87 Queens

Round 2: Twisters v Queens

Werewolves v Monsters

Round 3: Monsters v Twisters

Queens v Werewolves

Round 4: Twisters v Monsters

Werewolves v Queens

Round 5: Queens v Twisters

Monsters v Werewolves

Round 6: Twisters v Werewolves

Queens v Monsters


Team W L Pts.
Werewolves 1 0 2
Queens 1 0 2
Monsters 1 0 2
Jazz 0 1 0
Buffalos 0 1 0
Twisters 0 1 0