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Divisions of Control of Popular Affairs
Emblem of the DCPA
Founded 17 August 2018
Headquarters Elasia
Supreme Commander Stäefan Dör
Service branches People's Militias, Volunteer Forces, Forces of the InterNet Military manpower
Military age 15
Active troops 15
Reserve troops 5
Total Personnel 20


The DCPA were founded in 17 August 2018. Acting as the Army and the Law Enforcement Units in Helasia, they are under the direct command of the First Commissar of the State.

Joining the DCPA

In order for someone to join the DCPA, (s)he must have technological knowledge, be at least 15 years old and study the state ideology. All the members of the DCPA are submitted to a test by the Office of the Commissar of State Ideology. Afterwards, they receive their identification and all the mandatory forms etc.

Organizations which cooperate with the DCPA