Džözyp I of Scynja

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His High Royal Majesty (Scynja)
Mr. Minister (Meritia)
(Scynn) Džözyp Brindeña Agustus Trik, Джӧзїп Бриндења Агустус Трик
(English) Joseph Brendan Augustus Trick
Džözyp in 2022
President of the National Congress of the Roscami Federation
Assumed office
3 September 2023
Predecessor Office established
1st High King of Scynja
Assumed office
31 October 2021
Predecessor Office established
1st Minister of Meritia
Assumed office
13 December 2021
Predecessor Office established
Member of the Supreme Directorate from Trasona
In office
10 February 2023 - 2 June 2023
Predecessor Office established
Successor Office abolished
4th Praetor of Fontasia
In office
25 May 2023 - 2 June 2023
Predecessor Joseph Montgomery
Successor Office abolished
Personal information
Born 31 October 2008 (2008-10-31) (age 15)
Rockledge, Florida, USA w:United States
Citizenship Kingdom of Scynja, Empire of Meritia, United States of America, Roscami Federation
Political party (Meritia) Pars Tolerantia!
(Scynja) None (illegal for the High King to join a Political Party)
(USA) None
Relations Isabella Holt (sister)
Residence Drakhje, SC
Religion Christianity (Roman Catholicism)

Džözyp Brindeña Agustus Trik (/d͡ʒø.zɨp bɾin.də.ɲa a.gus.tus tɾik/ ; Scynn Cyrillic: Джӧзїп Бриндења Агустус Трик, English: Joseph Brendan Augustus Trick, born 31 October 2008) is the current High King of the Kingdom of Scynja, and Minister of the Empire of Meritia.

Early life

Joseph was born in Rockledge, Florida on 31 October 2008. For the first four years of his life, he would remain in Rockledge, until moving to Port St. John in 2013.

Having been born into a working class family, Joseph faced many financial struggles in his early life, which are still prevalent today. His parents would separate before he was even a couple years old, leaving him living with his mother, grandmother, and great aunt later alongside his sister for the remainder of his childhood.

He was homeschooled until 5th Grade, where he then would attend various schools including Challenger 7 Elementary, Golfview Elementary, Saturn Elementary, Edgewood Junior High, John F. Kennedy Middle School, and finally Rockledge High School, where he is currently a Sophomore.

Despite his family’s lack of religiosity, Joseph would later in his life grow far more associated with Christianity, specifically Roman Catholicism, however still remains open to Religious Theory and frequently debates the topic. In 2022, he would join JROTC. He is currently unemployed in the United States, yet holds various government offices in other nations, most notably Scynja and Meritia.


Early micronational history

Džözyp started micronationalism by declaring himself to be future Director of The State before it was announced to be dissolved on 25 December 2020. He then began to work on another now defunct, although unofficially, nation known as the Kingdom of Elkia. It was later unsupported following the independence of his current project, the Kingdom of Scynja, and has yet to be officially dissolved.

Modern micronational history

The Kingdom of Scynja has so far been his most successful project, and is continuing to grow. He further established his own micronational influence by being elected the first Minister of Meritia, and by further expanding Meritia by making laws and acts, with the end goal of bettering the lives of Meritian citizens. He also works hard to make Scynn citizens' lives better, with further establishing the legislation of Scynja and by trying to make things more efficient, for example dissolving the very inactive and inefficient Parliament and instead replacing it with an appointed Consulate.