Czech Fyrinians

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Czech Fyrinians
Čeští Fyrinijci
Flag of the Czech Republic.png Flag of Fyrinia.png
Total population
ca. 407 thousand (self-declared)
790 thousand with at least one Czech ancestor
Regions with significant populations
Flag of Fyrinia.png Fyrinia: 187,729 (2019)
Flag of the Czech Republic.png Czech Republic: 23,374
Partial origin ca. 790,000
Flag of Fyrinia.png Fyrinia 420,000
Flag of the Czech Republic.png Czech Republic 45,000
Others 325,000
Czech (79.7%) · Turkish (3.7%) · Arabic (3.3%)
Bilingual (10.4%) · Others (2.8%)
Irreligious majority
Bahá'í, Christianity and Islam

Czech Fyrinians (Czech: Čeští Fyrinijci pronounced: [t͡ʃɛʃ'ciː fɪ'rɪnɪjt͡sɪ], feminine: České Fyrinijky) are people and a nation identified with the micronation of Fyrinia, with at least partial Czech ethnic background. Those people are mainly descendants of Czechs who settled in Fyrinia and became a part of unified Fyrinian nation, or Fyrinian people who have at least one Czech ancestor. Today, people who self-reported their ethnic background as Czech Fyrinian, make up approximately 31.3 per cent of all Fyrinians. However, over 60 per cent of the nation is at least of partial Czech descent. This group within Fyrinian nation is the largest ethnic group of the nation, followed by Turkish and Arab.