Custosian National Day

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Custosian National Day
Custosia Day
2Flag of Custosia.png
The national flag of Custosia
Observed byKingdom of Custosia
TypeNational holiday
SignificanceAnniversary of the foundation of the first Custosian state.
CelebrationsFlag decorations and displays, feasting, and the King's Speech.
Date16 July

Custosian National Day also known as Custosia Day or simply National Day, was a national holiday in the Kingdom of Custosia celebrating the foundation of the first Custosian state on 16 July 2016.


On 16 July 2016, Edward I who was known as Grand Prince Edward I at the time wrote the Declaration of the Grand Principality of Custosia formally establishing the first Custosian state. The document stated Custosia's independence from the United States and the creation of the Grand Principality. To this day, Custosians celebrate Custosian National Day in remembrance of the original foundation of the nation. The first Custosian National Day will be celebrated on 16 July 2017.


In observance of Custosian National Day, Custosians usually decorated their homes with the Custosian flag or fly the Custosian flag. Other celebrations included feasting, partying, playing games, family gatherings, etc. Each year in celebration, the Monarch of Custosia will had a speech known as the King's Speech.