Cupertino Territory

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Cupertino Territory
Coat of arms
Official languagesExcitementorian, Timonocitian English, Gujarati, Northeast Timonian, Greek
• Duchess
Shaili Patel
• Biduchess
Eshani Patel
Establishment7 August 2020
CurrencyTimonocitian Naahse
Time zonePST (Pacific Standard Time)
Internet TLD.ct.e

Cupertino is a Timonocitian territory.


There are 14 microprovinces in Cupertino, making it have the most microprovinces in the nation. It is the most densely packed place as well.

Map Name Notes
Bwarxi Sorrounded by USA
North Spring
Union Pacific
Rainbowpur Territory capital
West Springs
Central Cupertino
West Rainbowpur and East Springs Informatively "West Rainbowpur"
Bridge Park
South Stelling Sorrounded by Rainbowpur
Greater Sniknasia
Sniknasia Longest panhandle, completely cutting off South Springs's border with Rainbowpur.
South Springs Rainbowpur border cut off by panhandle of Sniknasia

Please note that the orange region that says "United States" is part of the United States of America.