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After thinking about why you want to start your micronation, then you need territory to rule. The common consensus varies greatly community by community, with each neighbourhood having its own sets of unwritten rules on this matter.

MicroWiki community

A claim of Aaron Island by Aenderia, affirmed through its flag being affixed.

In the MicroWiki community, the general consensus is that your claims must be reasonable in size and that you can travel to them. This means that it is not preferable to claim territories in Bir Tawil nor Antarctica as both are overclaimed and are inaccessible to your average Joe. Claims that are preferred in that community may include:

  • Your or your friend's house (with permission from the friend if you are doing the latter)
  • A public park or public building you can travel to

The size of your claim may also matter. It's generally not recommended to claim large swaths of land or a block of land with many buildings and residents in it. These claims are generally considered hard to enforce and thus less realistic. For example:

  • It's recommended to claim a small park
  • It's not recommended to claim a really big park
  • It's recommended to claim your house
  • It's not recommended to claim a huge residential complex with many citizens residing there

To solidify your claim, it's generally recommended to place the flag of the micronation in that territory. Take a look at the photo- this claim of a small creek is solidified through the micronation's flag being placed on the territory. It's not a formal requirement, but it makes your claim more legitimate- plus you got some pretty cool photos you can nominate for featured picture status!


Examples that are considered widely accepted are:

  • Aaron Island, which comprises a small part of an uninhabited creek. This claim was solidified through a flag.
  • Arroyo, which is apart of Wendatia. This claim includes a friend's house and a creek.
  • Sealand, which is a micronation located on an old fort that the Royal Family lives on.

On the issue of Cupertino Alliance membership

As the Cupertino Alliance is focused on the MicroWiki community, we have policies on this issue that can prevent your micronation to attain membership. Under the Bir Tawil - Marie Byrd Amendment, it does not allow the alliance to permit any micronation which has claims in Bir Tawil or in Marie Byrd Land. Furthermore, it is unlikely for micronations that have excessively large or untravelable claims to be admitted.

Other communities

Other communities and sectors may have other standards relating to territory. For example, Aerica has a colony on Mars, and Westarctica claims apart of Antarctica. Both are respected in their own communities and sectors. I recently spoke to Kevin Baugh on this matter and he wrote a very good quote on this subject:

Micronations can be as much about ideals as places, and for most it’s the idea of their nation that matters. For example, Obsidia’s entire nation is a rock that their Marshal carries in a case. Can she live on that rock? No, it’s a symbol, in her case showing that nations are about people, not land.

— Kevin Baugh, 2021

Your territory should represent you and your micronation, and people could judge your nation just by what types of claims you do choose.


Completion of this assignment will be required to attain a barnstar and certificate. Feel free to complete it if you are not interested in attaining it, but if you are not interested in it this is optional.

Claim a piece of territory.