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Recommended skill level
No experience may be required for this lesson; feel free to jump into this lesson. It is generally recommended, however, to take prior lessons if you are new.

MicroWiki is an online encyclopaedia for micronations or other micronational topics. Refer to MicroWiki:What MicroWiki is not for what MicroWiki is not.


These examples are allowed on MicroWiki

  • Your micronation
  • A micronationalist
  • A micronational book

These examples are allowed, but do not do them often and mark them with Template:Humour.

  • A joke page which follows MicroWiki rules
  • A joke war

These examples should not be in MicroWiki

Name spaces

Pages are divided into various name spaces. These include

Pages without name spaces, like Cupertino Alliance. These are usually reserved for general wiki pages.
Pages starting with MicroWiki:, like MicroWiki:Finance reports, which are used for meta topics or things relating to the wiki itself. These are generally edited by staff only.
Pages starting with Special:, like Special:AbuseFilter, which are used uploading, logs, upkeep, etc. You might be able to interact with them but these pages are generally edited by staff only.
Pages that start with Talk:, like Talk:Cupertino Alliance. These are for discussion about any problems with the wikipage, but not the topic itself. For example, talk about any redlinks but do not talk about the Alliance itself. Talk pages are also used for some templates, like language templates.
Pages starting with User talk: like User talk:Jaydenfromontario are talk pages for user pages.
Pages starting with User: are for userpages, like User:Jaydenfromcanada.
Pages starting with Template: are for templates. These include Template:WIP. You can insert the template by typing {{<Template name>}}. For example, for Template:Infobox nation, type in {{WIP}}.
Pages starting with Category: are for categories. These include Category:1910s. You can insert the template by typing [[Category:<Category name>]] at the bottom of the page. For example, for Template:Infobox nation, type in [[Category:1910s]].

Furthermore, subpages, indicated by / after the page title with additional text, may exist within pages. There are 2 common types of subpages:

[page]/ with two letters usually indicate an article in English MicroWiki in a different language. An example includes Fifth Aenderian Republic/fr.
User:[username]/sandbox indicates a sandbox page. This allows you to test around MicroWiki and you do not have to follow the manual of style. An example includes User:Jaydenfromcanada/sandbox28.

All name spaces can have subpages.

Other sites

There are other micronational based sites for micronational things besides ones that are by the Wikimedia Foundation.

MicroWiki Commons

MicroWiki Commons is a free database for files and quotations and other documents relating to it. Though it is similar to Wikimedia Commons, there are some limitations. You can't upload photos (upload them here then they would be usable in Commons). The following below should go to MicroWiki Commons:

  • A constitution
  • An act
  • Some interesting quotes of yours

To link MicroWiki pages to Commons, simply put [[c:THING|THING]] to a link. Though you may think [[commons:THING|THING]] works, this is incorrect. That would lead you to Wikimedia Commons instead.


MicroWikiDictionary is a free database for the meaning of words and like its title, a dictionary. The following below should go on MicroWikiDictionary:

  • A meaning of a word
  • A meaning of a phrase


Wikipedia would be most suited for macronational theories, macronations, and other real life things. To link Wikipedia on MicroWiki, type [[w:Thing|Thing]]


Completion of this assignment will be required to attain a barnstar and certificate. Feel free to complete it if you are not interested in attaining it, but if you are not interested in it this is optional.

Assignment link

Instruction: drag the topics in the word box at the left to the most appropriate wiki. (Youtube tutorial)