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Before you start making flags and all of that, take the time to ask yourself: "Why do you want to start a micronation?" Some examples include

  • Political conflicts between a macro or micronation
  • To run a political or economic experiment
  • To run a fantasy empire


These are a couple micronations' reasons for existing:

Principality of Hutt River

The Principality was founded in 1969 by the late Leonard George Casley (Prince Leonard I). It was founded due to a dispute within the Australian government in regard to wheat quotas.

Republic of Molossia

The Republic of Molossia was founded in 1977 by Kevin Baugh and James Spielman as The Grand Republic of Vuldstein. This was a childhood project between both members.

Kingdom of Ikonia, People's Republic of Orientia

Both nations were founded due to the success of Molossia.

Fifth Aenderian Republic

The modern Aenderia was formed replacing the former Republic of Aenderia after a political crisis in September 2018.

Templar Kingdom

Founded on the idea to rebuild/relive in a medieval knight in shining armour kind of period and leave to worries of today aside. see Themed micronationalism