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Well, you have got everything ready, it's time for your nation to be born. You will need to draft a document proclaiming that you have gotten independence from a macronation.

What does it need?

A declaration of independence usually contains:

  • Your land claims which you plan to integrate into your new micronation
  • The macronation(s) that you plan to secede from
  • The date
  • Reason(s) for leaving micronations or macronation

However, it is not a requirement for a declaration of independence to contain all of these requirements. Some parameters, like the date, are essential for informative purposes though.

Where / what to do I write it on?

There are multiple ways to write your declaration of independence, those being:

  • Pen and paper (Recommended if you want to have physical laws and such)
  • Microsoft Word
  • Google Docs (Optimal for sharing online)
  • PDF file (Would look more uniform across platform, but are hard to edit)

What to do next?

Some micronations also do send their declaration of independence to a member of parliament/legislature and/or the head of government or head of state of their macronation. This is optional. If you do not wish to do that, go to the next page of this guide.


Examples of declarations of independence can be found here:

Let's take a look at one of them, specifically the revolution / change of government version:

Section Purpose
We the people of the States of Boris, Raj, Melissa, and the territories of Trev and Vinny Outline what states would be apart of this new country
united upon the ideals of democracy, republicanism, and are all attendees of the Cupertino Alliance College of History Why these states are uniting to form a nation
wish to declare our independence from the Kingdom of the Netherlands Which nation(s) that this micronation is ceding from
to form the Republic of Cupertinoland.   The name of this new country
It is clear that the King of the Netherlands, His Majesty King Gordon James Ramsay, has neglected and mismanaged our sacred land. The King levied ridiculously high taxes to our territories without the consent of our people, vetoed Bill C-320, a bill to give representation in the House of Representatives for our people, as well as limiting the freedom of our press.

We have attempted to voice our concerns to His Majesty the King; instead, the King simply watched our actions, ignored countless letters for negotiations, and refused to change even with the people agreeing with us.

Unfortunately, we can not support a union with the Kingdom of the Netherlands considering the dishonourable and disgusting actions by His Majesty King Gordon James Ramsay.

Justifies the creation of this new micronation
Henceforth, we the undersigned, representing the people of the States of Boris, Raj, Melissa, and the territories of Trev and Vinny, with the powers bestowed upon us, shall cut our allegiance to the Dutch crown and declare ourselves independence from the Netherlands. Concluding sentence
This declaration shall be in effect immediately after the signing of this very document. A place where signatories can list their names and date of signing.

This declaration of independence is a very good one, but you do not have to include all of these elements, or you can even add more if you wish. It is, however, advisable to remain both formal and respectful as this declaration will serve as an important symbol of your micronation. If you write informally, people will view your micronation informally.


Completion of this assignment will be required to attain a barnstar and certificate. Feel free to complete it if you are not interested in attaining it, but if you are not interested in it this is optional.

Create a declaration of independence using the example templates provided above, or start from scratch.