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This page is apart of the Cupertino Guides project, a project by the Cupertino Alliance.

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Well, you have got everything ready, it's time for your nation to be born. You will need to draft a document proclaiming that you have gotten independence from a macronation.

What does it need?

A declaration of independence needs, at the minimum:

  • Your land claims which you plan to integrate to your new micronation
  • The macronation or macronations that you plan to succeed from
  • The date

Where / what to do I write it on?

There are multiple ways to write your declaration of independence, those being:

  • Pen and paper (recommended if you want to have physical laws and such)
  • Microsoft Word (I wouldn't recommend this as Google Docs exist)
  • Google Docs (optimal for sharing online)

What to do next?

Some micronations also do send their declaration of independence to a member of parliament/legislature and/or the head of government or head of state of their macronation. This is optional. If you do not wish to do that, go to the next page of this guide.


The most basic examples of a declaration of independence are:

"We the people declare <your land claims> independent from <macronation(s)> on the <day number> day of the <month number> month on the year <year>."