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This page is apart of the Cupertino Guides project, a project by the Cupertino Alliance.

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Now comes one of the hard parts, drafting your constituion.

What is this thing?

This is a document that sets up your government and outlines how your micronation is governed. Most micronations have a codified constitution. That means that their constitution is on one document, which is written. Other micronations have an uncodified constitution. That means that their constitution is made up of a number of sources.

Pro and cons

There are both pros and cons for both codified and unmodified constitutions.

Pros: Codified

  • Is considered "higher law"
  • Clear rules
  • Can be found in one place
  • Fewer spaces for a constitutional crisis

Cons: Codified

  • Will be slow to amend (especially if you have a big population) and may not be up for times

Pros: Uncodified

  • More flexible
  • Easier to amend and thus more modern

Cons: Uncodified

  • More documents to look through (especially if you are unorganized like me :( )
  • Documents have the same status of other laws, which means rights can be easily amended

I am the law. Do I really need a constitution of some sort?

Yes. If you do not have this / these document(s), then you won't legally have the power to "be the law"


This guide will focus on creating a codified constitution.