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The main Religon is Chirstianty, with the Anglicain church/ Church of England being the main denomantion. Simple rules the Ten Commandments.

All other Religons are accepted as Baron William I is a person who believes that everyone should believe what they think both right and good.


Some of these Saints are in the international world, but some are only in Voltarian circles, those in Bold are Saints only recognized by Voltar.

Mary the mother of Jesus Chirst Jude The Aposlte, the patiant Saint of Voltar Lawrence of Rome, the Martyr Alfred the Great Anne, the mother of Mary and Grandmother of Jesus Chirst Bartholomew the Apostle Joan of Arc Thomas Becket Charles I of England Henry IV of France, the Good King Edward the Confessor Saint George of Lydda Saint David of Wales Saint Andrew of Scotland Saint Patrick of Ireland Martin Luther King. Jr Charles Lutwigde Dodgeson (Lewis Carroll) C. S. Lewis Jacques de Molay Saint Nicholas Saint Peter Saint Valentine (all 14 of them)


International Hoildays

  • New Year Day: 1/01/
  • Good Friday, Easter, Easter Monday
  • May Day: First Monday in May
  • Chirsmas Day: 25/12/
  • Boxing Bay: 26/12/

Voltarian Hoildays

Voltar Day: 1/05/

This day is the celerdartion of the establisment of Voltar much like the 4th of July celebrating the inderpence of the U.S.A

W Day: 18/08/

Celedration of the Brithday of Baron William I, simailer to Victoria Day: the Monday preecding the 25th of May, still celedrated in parts of Canada

St. Jude Day: 28/10/

The Feast Day of Saint Jude the Aposlte: Patient Saint of Voltar.


The Lone Yellow Coat

The Story of a Soilder on a quest like a lone cursader...


Once in the time before now Voltar was attacked, a flag was taken, and an officer of the Royal Guard was sent to reteave it. The flag was made out of soucerers yawn and mystical materail that could be use for good or for bad.

Atfer many miles the Yellow Coat fort agaist a Black Knight (Who was defeated by the sight of a gun firing, think it was magic) who joins the Quest.

Many days and thousands of miles later they reached a cave and spent the night there.

The next morning they were ready to move on when suddenly the Black Knight was hit by What?, the Knight recognised it as a Dzee-dzee-don-da (a creature so ugly it it self is sarced of it's own image) it was undone by seeing it image in the Knight sword.

When they saw it was gone they saw a Liver Bird appear in the mouth of the cave.

The bird then toke them to a mighty castle Czards graunded by a wolf-headed, the Black Knight then faced the beast, his sword and the creatures claws clashed as the battle went the creature bited the Knights arm and the vennom from the beast started to take hold faster then a Basalic. The Yellow Coat then shoot the beast in the heart and the creature fell, the Black Knight dropped his and slowly died from the infection.

Before living the Liver Bird gave the Yellow Coat a feather and also a guorp of words to say and that he had to use his sword in say those words.

Inside the caslte no one attack the Yellow Coat as he came into the great hall of the castle, there on a throne was the Master of the Czards sitting infront of the flag.

"I wish to collect the flag" the Yellow Coat said

"Very well" the Master said "But first you must defeat me in mortal combat" and so the dual began, the sword clashed, cuit where all over each other.

"You fight well good sir" the Master said "But not good another" as he came in for the kill the Yellow Coat lifted his sword and shouted these words: Dod ar hynodro, he sweaped his sword and a cut in reality appeared in out of this a Griffin like creature appeared and attacked the Master and kill him.

Days after would the Yellow Coat returned home with the flag and carrying the corspe of the Black Knight, the Legend was written and the Black Knight was buried as a Hero of Voltar...

The Eternal Maze

Based of The Forbbiden Conrer in Yockshire North Riding.

The Baroness is taken and only her children can find her...


The Story where the Baroness is captured by a mystical being who says that if he doesn't become the Abosulte Ruler of Voltar then she will stay in a Maze that gones on forever wondering for all time, her three children the Tri-Baronts as they were called told the Being that they wonder stand up to him and find their mother, the being agreed and the three started the search...

The first thing they came across was the creature in a cave with water flowing thorough it, the Baront Nicholas asked "Tell me go sir, can you tell us if you have seen a lady wondering thorough here?" The creature replied in a very slimy voice "You give up this Quest of yours and give the power to the Lord and Master..."

"Are you mad, let us past" the boy said as the three push the creature aside and wondered into the cave behind them the creature was shouting "You are doomed, you hear me? DOOOOMMMED!!!".

The cave was getting darker and darker John was getting scared but Annabel reasured him, Nicholas stopped, in front of them was a door with two snakes caved onto the archway, one spoke; "Who dares walk pass us to the underworld?"

"We do" Nicholas "We are the Baronts of Voltar, and direct heirs to the throne of the Barony and to become the proctectors of the Land"

"What is your motive to travel down here?" the other snake asked

"We seek our mother, the Baroness..." John said

"You may proside" the first snake said and then the second one spoke "Bewhere for where you are about to enter few have come out alive..." as the door opened to a red realem and a big dooming voice called out "Come Forward" the three walked in as fire was ejected from the spouts of a fontain where a horned being with bat wings gretted them "Welcome young ones, I and the Black God and welcome to the Kongdom of the most Low who are tho who see the face of ages and sin?" Nicholas pluct up "We are on a qeust to find are mother and restore the Honour of Voltar by defeating the monster who kidnapped her and place her in the maze above us we seek knowlegde to find her and who is the maker of the Eternal Maze"

"You speak of Thandoyle his name meaing Death Dark Strager he has a dark heart and an inqecsable thert for Power, he was banished by me as he tried to overthrow me, the Black God, the dietie of the night and wrong doings, he wishes to make you country into the most dark and evil froce in the world, he has probuly link his maze to here so his army can come a rage battle against me, so I thank you for this information, if you wish to get out of here before this place is closed forever to the living them go through the door behind me with the blessing of the Black God and all that is unholy" and a door opened behind him and the three rushed out the door lead to another door which lead into a small room with a gourp of yet more doors many lead to nowhere but Nicholas went through the only trustful one leading into a coridor of leaning post with splinter and gaps, John was scared they would give way and push both Nicholas and Annabel on.

They came out into a forest like place, they stumbled onto another door...

"Are you sure we should open this one?" John asked

"How are we going to find Mother if we don't search?" Nicholas said pushing the door open it to find a world of 3 foot mice hiding in fear in the corners of their caves, Annabel asked a young mouse why they were hiding

"We trying to not to be seen" the mouse relpied

"Not to be seen from what?" she asked

"The Cat!!" all the mice said in fear

"That was strange" Nicholas said

"He comes at night with big nasty teath and ripping great claws" one mouse said

"He swiped the tail off my uncle" said another.

"How can a cat be a fert to us?" Nicholas asked Annabel

"Well Nick" she said "If the mice are 3 feet big here, how big is the cat? To him we might just be rats"

"Don't scare me like that" John said acting abit like the mice, when suddenly... "Meowwwww!!!" ecohed down the tunnels...

"The Cat is Coming" a mouse shouted and they ran off down the tunnel the Baronets came from.

"Run!" Nicholas called as they ran down the tunnel when they came to a what looked like a giant skull.

"I looked back when we came out of the forest, we came out from the right so we should go to the left" Annebal said and they went to the left, Thandoyle was looked over them "They heading to where to their mother is, we need to keep them away from each other"... The three came out into the sunlight.

"I glad to get out of there" John said "I can see where I'm going now", they then heard russeling

"What was that?" Annabel asked

"It came from over there" Nicholas said pointing to a bush in the distance, the three went over there and saw a lady in Roman dress standing there all claim like. John was the first to ask "Ecuss me?"

"Yes oh Baronet John?" the lady said

"You know me?" John said amazied

"Of couse, I am Venus the Goddess of love, the lady of all that is gental, you are the Three Baronet who widh to seek you mother the Baroness who has been captured here", Nicholas was confussed "How can you be here?"

"Well I'm not really, I am really a statue that Thandoyle borought to life the forfill his desires, I refuses so he placed me here and turned my foot the stone to keep me stuck on this pedastole" Venus replied "If you seek you mother confront the spirit that is bowned to a tree and he will help you out" as she finished the sentence a bolt of red lighting stuck her and she was turned compeltely into stone, the three looked up and there above them was Thandoyle in black rodes with a long stafe with a purple skull on top, "That Stole-pigeon" he said outraged "I should have gotten rid of her when I had the chance, she won't be helping anyone esle now", quickly John got a broken piece of Venus's pedastole and threw it at Thandoyle hitting him in the chest, as soon as it hit the three ran off into the woods

"Nice throw John" Nicholas said

"Thanks but I was trying to get his head"

"Whos's there?" a voice shouted, the three looked to see a small person compeltely white stuck to a tree trunck being bowned by the roots of the tree. John came up to the person and explain what had happened and then he asked "Can you help us?"

"Of couse I can if you can get me out, I'm Halcyon, I grant the wishes of anyone who let me free" Nicholas looked at the roots "It seems that the roots have come from the same one at the back, take that out from below the lowers two them it would be easier for Halcyon to get free, but we need an axe"

"There's one on the tree stump there" Halcyon said "I tried to cut myself out but I couldn't as my hand could hardy move" Nicholas toke to axe and cut the root at the back of the tree and the root's grip on Halcyon ceased and he was able to float freely again "Thank, and as I promised I will grant your wishes". Annabel said "Firstly we would like to find our mother..."

"I have Her!" said a booming voice, the four looked up and there was Thandoyle with the Barones in him glucthess, Nicholas was quick to respond "Quick, Halcyon, I wish there was a way to stop Thandoyle" Halcyon claped twice and a cross-bow appeared in Nicholas's hands, "When fired the bolt hits the the most powerful thing in it's range" Nicholas pointed the bow at Thandoyle and when it fired the bolt went and hit the purple skull on Thandoyle's stafe, as soon the skull scattered Thandoyle decintigated and Halcyon caught the mother as she fell.

"What happened to Thandoyle?" John asked

"The stafe had been given to him by the Black God" Halcyon explained "He had that stafe for nearly six thoasand years, it was the only thing that was keeping him alive and young, the skull was the magical part, when that was destoryed the magic stopped and all the years came back to Thandoyle all in one" When Halcyon finished the maze disappered, Halcyon looked to Annabel "I wasn't the one who furfill you request so you can ask again, I am a spirt of my word"

"Well I wish we were home in Atherstone Hall" Halcyon clasped again and they all transported to the court yard of Atherstone Hall, finally Halcyon turned to John "Add you?"

"I wish that you were a free spirit, but you must use your powers to do the right thing and not for your own monotary gain" he said, Halcyon clasped once more and then flow off into the distance, as the four Royals walked back into the house...

The Shield and Sword

Two feinds with great powers and great minds turned enemies...


In the time before the morden era there was a sciencist and a scourer. The scienist was named Lammel, the scourer was called Cardolus they were great feinds. Lammel tourt Cardolus science, the ways of Alcamie and Astornamy and Cardolus tourt Lammel magic of postions, cards, spell casting and the secerts of the mystical fellowers.

Then 1 day the Baron called Lammel to his court, not only was Lammet the cheif sciencist he was also a prophet and head of the Church in Voltar, The Baron said that he wanted to make Voltar a powerful froce and wanted to know which was more powerful: magic or sceince?

Lammel knew he had to choose science, even thou he had seen how science would lead to so much suffering in the far future, he knew Cardolus had a black heart and more people would suffer in the near future under Cardolus's hands. Lammel then said "In science and fact is our best opotion" he was then given full power to develop his science and propherside.

When new reach Cardolus he felt be-traied and so challenged Lamme to a fight to the death, he had posions to create a metal for a sword that would cut anything.

At the same time Lammel had used Alcamie to create a licuqid postion, then he toke a sheild and imersed it in the postion, this would make it Indistuctable even to Cardolus's Sword.

Unknown to Lammel, Cardulos had placed a crystal on the hilt, to increase to power od the blow. Unknown to him the crystalgot it's power from Cardolus's very Life Froce.

The Battle began, the clag of Metal apon Metal rang out for miles, it went for hours and almost nothing behind Cardolus hadn't had a mark of his sword, the battle went on add on until Cardolus colasped, dropped his sword, the crystal turned black as Cardolus turned to dust.

Lammel toke the sword and sheild and placed them in a magical lock, which only he and the royal family knew to keep no one from taking them.

For all time.

The Swan's Arm

An untold past and a present that is sercet and only the Gods can help...


In the time before the Romans an achicent tride had a child taken from them for unknown reasons, the boy returned as a young man saying he had been the slave to a mystical being all these years and had been finally released.

Over the next weeks the man stayed in the conours away from anyone and wouldn't speack to anyone, not even his mother, he always keeped his right arm covered by his clock and would tell why.

The only time he let his guard down was when his mother saw him pull a white feather from under his clock with the look of pain on his face, his mother then went to see the preist and tell him what she saw.

Soon the preist with a couple of warriors came to the hunt and told him to remove his clock, when the man refused one of the warriors pulled it off, to everyone surprise instead of a human arm there was a swan's wing, in propersion to a human arm but undoutedly a Swan's wing.

The young man explained that he had betaired the mystical being who he had been working for and as punishment the being turned the man's right arm into a swan's wing. The man then said that all he wished was to feel like a real man again. The Preist order one of the warrior's to take out his sword and cut the wing off, he did so and the decapatated wing disappered leaving everyone of the feathers on the floor, the Preist then told everyone that they will go to the lake.

At the lake the Preist told the young man to walk into the water up to his waste, which the man did, the Preist then asked the warrior that had cut the wing off to give his sword as a scarfice. With the blood-stained sword in both hand the Preist prayed to the Gods to heel the young man and then threw the sword into the lake, the blood that was on the sword then tricled towards the man and up his body and reformed his arm from sholder all the way to the end of his nails.

And at last the young man felt like a man again.

High Culture

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Popular Culture

Commonely refered to as Pop Culture, the Baron is a fan of the Beatles as his father was a boy in Liverpool around 10 in the early sixties he has almost every album the Beatles released, notable favorite song of the Baron's include: All You Need is Love (For a time the nation antheum of Voltar), Octorpus's Garden, Maxwell's Sliver Hammer (the story may be grosum but the tune is so catchy you can't forget it) Yellow Sudmarine among others.

Also Television shows watched as a child are on the list of Pop Culture which include: Thomas the Tank Engine, Scooby Doo, Danger Mouse, Teen Titans, many of which he has role played with his brother: Richard of Turo in other word they would make up their own characters and act as if they were in the episodes of these shows. BBC Sherlock is highly reguarded in Voltar as an extermly successful adaptation of Sir Arthur Colyne Doyales world famous novels and hopes the next series is as good as the first. Doctor Who is loved by nearly every Voltarian, the modern day series is extremely successful as comedic, dark, scary and complex.

Other things he watches as recent and recently introduced such as: The Nostalgia Critic and Lickara Atop the 4th Wall.

Films such as: Dumdo, Wizard of Oz, Blues Brothers, Monte Carlo or Bust, Those Maginificent Men in there Flying Machinces or How I Flew from London to Paris in 25 Hours 11 Minutes are popular in Voltar.

Museum Scerets

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Nation Anthem

The National Anthem of Voltar is none as "We are Voltarians" which uses the melody of "God Save the Tsar" the last National Anthem of the Russia Empire, which became defunct in 1917 with the revolution.

The melody was done by Alexei Lvov, the Lyrics were written by Baron William I



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We are Voltarians We will all sing We are a Nation That we all proclaim We will not cease From all are claims We are Voltarians Will will all sing We are a Nation That we all proclaim Lord bless are Leader That is what we wish We are Voltarians We will all sing We are a Nation That we all proclaim.


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The Flag

The flag of this Mirconation designed by Baron William I; the shape comes from the design of the Nepal Flag only the Baron wanted it to look grander.

The Symbols in the middle of the flag is a Number 3 which is considered to be very holy or Divine in most Culture and religons. The sign on the flag was said to have been on rode of Indian perist as early as 3000 B.C.

In the Chirstain religon this symbol is used to represent the Holy Trinity.

The way the colours are arranged it is like, Pureity is protected by Justice and peace and Justice and peace is protected by Happiness.

The triangle things on the end came from the early Herlding flag, if you remove the Triangles then you end up with a Trapezium, but the triangles are offically apart of the flag.

Voltar's national flag is the only Micronational flag to be Higher then it is Wider, and the only Micronational Flag that is not the a Quadrilateral Shape, however the Holy Empire of Reunion may stake to claim of be the first micronational flag not to be a quadrilateral Shape.

It was designed on the 27 of March 2011 33 days before Voltar was founded, but was offically adopted by Voltar on it founding day May the 1st.

Voltar Flag.png

The Baron on the 10th of September had created a variant of the flag being a more simple Triband flag.

Voltar Flag Variant.png

The Coat of Arms

Baron William I played with countless Ideas of the Coat of arms untill he up with what will see now.

The same colours as the flag: Yellow, Blue and white. The Holy Trinity symbol is on the Crest as well.

The birds that features on the Coat of Arms are Liver bird (L-I-veR Bird), Commonly asituated with the city of Liverpool, the bird is found on the Coat of Arm of the city and also Liverpool FC. The Liver bird also forms part of the logo of both Liverpool Universities LU and L John Moores UA Statue of a Liverbird on top of the Liver Building in Liverpool.

The Baron has a large passion for Liverpool as a number of his favorite comedians come from there: Ken Dodd and Arthur Askey, as well as his father was born and rasied there, not to mention it is the westen point of one of in favorite railways (The Liverpool & Manchester Railway).

New Nosterlandic Coat of Arms.png

The Liver Bird

Liver Bird.gif

The National Bird/ Animal of Voltar

The Earliest use of the Bird been associted with the then-town of Liverpool was on a seal dating from the 1350s which is now held in the British Museum. The possible species is long dedatable, the seal that King John had to give Liverpool the right to be a Borough back in 1207, in honour of his patron saint, frecquenlty used the device of an eagle- associtate with St. John.

By the 17th century, the origins of the bird had begun to be forgotten, with references to the bird as a cormorant, still a common bird in the coastal waters near Liverpool. The 17th century mace refers to a "leaver", while a manual on heraldry from later in the century confuses matters further by assuming this term is related to the old Low Dutch word lefler, meaning spoonbill - a bird rarely found in northern England.

The College of Arms refers to the bird as a cormorant, adding that the sprig in the mouth is of laver, a type of seaweed, thus implying that the bird's appellation comes from the sprig.

The bird thus appears to have originally been intended to be an eagle, but is now officially a cormorant. Many modern interpretations of the symbol are of a cormorant, although several - notably that on the emblem of Liverpool Football Club - distinctly show the short head and curved beak more readily associated with a bird of prey.

In the 1970s there was a British Sitcom called The Liver Birds about two young women in Liverpool, a play on British slang "bird" means young women.

It commonly seen on top of the Liver Building, it's also found on many coat of arms in Liverpool most noteablity Liverpool FC.

Deseret Alphabet

Voltar used to use the Deseret Aplhabet as an Alterenvite to the English Alphabet, but in an altered form unlike Molossia, this Alphabet was created by the Church of Jesus Chirst of the Latter-day Saints (also known as the "Mormon" or LDS Church) under the guidance of Church President Brigham Young (1801-1877). Brigham Young's secretary, George D. Watt, was among the designers of the Deseret Alphabet.

The name Deseret is taken from a word in the Book of Mormon and means "honeybee". It reflects the LDS use of the beehive as a symbol of co-operative industry.

The LDS Church published four books using the Deseret Alphabet. In addition, the Church-owned Deseret News also published passages of scripture using the alphabet on occasion. Some historical records, diaries, and other materials were hand-written using this script, and it had limited use on coins and signs. There is also one tombstone in Cedar City, Utah, written in the Deseret Alphabet. However, the alphabet failed to gain wide acceptance and was not actively promoted after 1869.

Utah $10 with Deseret Letters.jpeg

Voltarian version of Deseret Alphabet.png

Voltar's usage of this writting form was discountinued when Baron William I got more detail of the LDS Church having views like baptising the name of the departed into the church, so they could have baptised Wiston Churchill eventhou he's been died since 1965.

Since the discontinue of the Deseret alphabet in Voltar the only Micronation using this Alphabet is the Republic of Molossia in the state of Neverda.