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Uskor's Culture is strongly influenced by Norwegian, Anglish and Australian cultures.

Attitudes and Customs

Uskorians generally have a Socialist outlook. An important key to understanding Uskorians and their culture is the high importance they place on the traits of independence and social equality.
Uskorian society and culture has a high degree of gender equality, with women in leadership positions in government and military. Uskor also has very progressive LGBTQI rights legislation, with couples having been able to register civil unions since 2010, adopt since 2010 and marry since 2011. Women generally retain their names after marriage.
Modesty, punctuality (to a certain extent) but above all equality are important aspects of the Uskor way of life however Uskorians are generally fairly laid back and have a fondness for humour and comedy, which has sometimes landed Uskorians and Uskor into awkward situations. In Uskor, culture and the arts thrive as a result of the high amount of government backing they receive.

Uskorians consider themselves to be very proud of their socialist society and all round anti fascism, with anti fascism being a major component of Uskor's socialist society.


All Uskorians speak fluent English, with a minority speaking Anglish and Norwegian.
Uskorians are very proud of their language Uskorian and will go to some effort to promote it sometimes. Uskorians also enjoy learning and speaking in Anglish, German and Norwegian.


Uskorian Cuisine is heavily influenced by Swedish and Australian Cuisine and often contains variations or adaptions of various dishes from each.

Swedish Meatballs are a popular dish.

Uskorian cuisine also takes influences from Korean and Chinese foods with noodles and various beef and pork dishes, such as Uskorian Sweet and Sour Pork which is served with boiled potatoes and butter. Most dishes in Uskor will contain either fish or red or white meat (excluding chicken which is not as popular). Two Popular dishes in Uskor are Crumbed Tarakihi and Chips and Svenskiens Måtbullar (Swedish Meatballs).
Italian cuisine, especially pasta dishes are becoming incresingly popular in Uskor and cater to both vegetarians and meat eaters alike.


In Uskor , Uskorian music is often based on Rock and 80's pop and new wave. A large portion of Uskorians listen to music of the Metal and Rock genre Pop music is also favoured by some Uskorians.
Some popular band and Musicians in Uskor include:

  • Pink Floyd (Rock)
  • Ultravox (80's new wave)
  • A Flock of Seagulls (80's pop)
  • Týr (Faroese folk metal)
  • Aerosmith (Rock)
  • Nirvana (Rock)
  • Queen (Rock)
  • Visage (80's New wave)
  • Devo (New Wave)
  • Bon Jovi (Rock/Pop)
  • Deadmau5 (House)

Memes and Expressions

(See Main Article).
Uskor has many memes and expressions related to various events and people.

The Arts and Literature

Uskorians are generally very supportive of The Arts and art itself, with photography being the main form of artistic expression within Uskor. Famous (within Uskor) photographers include Charlotte Lindstrom
Uskorians are widely read and the most popular authors include:

  • Marx and Engels
  • Stieg Larsson
  • Lenin
  • Ian Rankin
  • Henning Mankell


Most Uskorians are either Christians, Pagans or atheist, however most Uskorians agree with secularism within government matters.


Sport is popular in some sections of Uskor and many Uskorians take part in some form of sport.
Uskorians are however very proud of athletes who make it to international competition levels even if they can not compete under the Uskorian Flag.

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