Culture of Dranoria

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Dranoria's culture is heavily influenced by Australian culture and nerd subcultures.


All Dranorians speak English fluently.

Internet Memes

See also: Dranorian memes

Experiences shared by several Optimans have developed into Internet memes.


Farmer Oakes'

Farmer Oakes' is a brand name used for food and drinks made by Jeremy Oakes, including:

  • Farmer Oakes' Iced Tea, which has been treated with suspicion as it turns opaque a few hours after being prepared
  • Farmer Oakes' Iced Coffee, an iced mocha drink made with instant coffee, drinking chocolate, and artificial sweetener
  • Farmer Oakes' Ye Olde Gourmete Poppede Corne, cooked in olive oil and flavoured with salt, black and cayenne pepper, paprika, and garam masala


See also: Dranorian Broadcasters' Guild

The state-funded Dranorian Broadcasters' Guild remains relatively independent from the government. It produces chiefly news content and has plans to extend to entertainment programming.


See also: Spindle Games

Most Dranorians play video games regularly. Popular games include first-person shooter Team Fortress 2 and indie sandbox Minecraft. Dranorian census data indicates PC is the most popular platform. Spindle Games, a game development organisation operated by the Dranorian government, has developed Oaklands, a first-person shooter, into alpha.