Culture of Iustus

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The culture of Iustus is based around three principals: equality, democracy, and peace, along with having fun. Many citizens of Iustus keep themselves occupied and happy focusing on projects, while others focus their time on playing video games. To most people, it does not matter as long as you're having fun. Democracy is another key value in Iustus, as it is one of the key foundations of Iustus that most, if not all of its citizens, value. Popular things in Iustus include Hamilton the Musical, Youtube, Subway, and Polandball, as well as hockey and Tim Hortens.

Many aspects of Iustian culture originate from Canadian and Ongwanadan culture, as both of those nations are the predecessors to Iustus. It is common for Iustians to also celebrate Canada Day along with Iustus Day, and as for Ongwanadan culture, there is still symbolism of the Kingdom of Ongwanada with the Ongwanadan oak and the Royal Staff. The Ongwandan language is still spoken by a few citizens of Iustus; however, it has mostly moved on to a more ceremonial language for special occasions.


National Holidays

National holidays are special days that are significant to the history and culture of Iustus.

Holiday Date Meaning
Iustus Day February 15 To celebrate the independence of Iustus
Stephen Hawking Day March 15 Day to remember the life of Stephen Hawking
Relaxation Day April 2 A day to have fun and relax
Summer Day June 28 The beginning of the summer holidays
Ongwanada Day July 15 A day appreciate to celebrate the common Ongwandan heritage
Family Day November 30 A day to spend time with your family and loved ones