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Worst Article

This article is just bad, and, accordingly, is part of the Gallery of What Not to Do. We hope this is clear enough.

Cuchy World founded not to long ago by the youngest member of the Fitzpetricks young Cuchy fitzpatrick. Her family includs Mommy and Daddy who live in Daddyland and Dit who lives in Ditsburg and Manena who lives in Indiana. Cuchys favorite color is purple. Her worls is really simle not like fancy Ditsburg and Las Vegas where you need an acker of black board and a barrel of chalk to explain how fancy Ditsburg is. This is how simple her world is all peoples favorite food are cookies and all the other foods are nyum nyums, all the animals are doggies exept the cats and the ducks the cats are called cat and the ducks are called quack quacks, and all pictures are suns. her whorld's getting fancier. before it was all peoples favorite foods are cookies and the other foods are nyum nyums, and all the animals are doggies. Thats all we can say about Cuchy worls but we'll find out more we promis!!!