Crowned Confederacy of Zuhan-Misberia

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Crowned Confederacy of Zuhan-Misberia

Ideas ad Movere Deinceps
Michigan, Maine, United States
Largest cityN/A
Official language(s)English, Misberia
Official religion(s)None
Short nameZuhan, Misberia, CCZM
DemonymZuhanese, Misberian
- High KingsHigh King Connor
High King Archie
LegislatureUnified National Census
Time zoneEST
National animalDeer


See Second Zuhan Empire and Directive of Misberia for more information



Misberia is defined as the historic merging of states of the Kingdom of Mistak founded in 2015 located in southern and northern Maine and the Kingdom of Timberia located in the White Mountains of New Hampshire founded in 2017.

Flags of Zuhan and past Kingdom of Misberia

National Symbols

See National Symbols of CCZM for more information


Coat of Arms:


See Government of CCZM for more information

The national government of Zuhan-Misberia is a bicameral government with the Diarchy and a Unified National Census or otherwise known as the UNC. The nation also has local governments for each region, Zuhan and Misberia. Both regions have internal states, towns and territories. Imperial City if the capital of Zuhan and has a town council. New Mistak the capital of Misberia and also has a local council. In Zuhan, there are four regions with their own leadership which report to the High King of Zuhan, Misberia also has five regions which also report to the High King of Misberia.


The Crowned Confederacy of Zuhan-Misberia shall have a monarchy run by a royal family. The royal family will be referred to as The Unified Royal Family or The Royal Family. The Royal Family is a merging of the Zuhanese and Andros-Betula Dynasties with the head of each dynasty holding the title of High King and being one of the diarchs.

Unified National Census:

The Unified National Census consists of one house called the Unified National Census of The Crowned Confederacy of Zuhan-Misberia. The Unified National Census is the legislative body of the Crowned Confederacy where bills are drafted, finalized, and voted on to be sent to the reigning Monarchs to either be signed or vetoed.The United National Census has the power to draft and vote on bills. There are only eight seats up for election in the Unified National Census, four for Zuhan and four for Misberia. The Unified National Census is lead by a Speaker who brings all bills voted and approved by the legislative body to the Diarchy for final approval.

Council of Nobles:

The Council of Nobles are an advisory council for the Diarchs in times of national emergency and during war and peace time. The council consists of the leader of each region of the Crowned Confederacy, currently there are four representatives from the Zuhanese regions and five representatives from the Misberian regions.

Administrative Divisions

See Administrative Divisions of CCZM for more information

The Crowned Confederacy of Zuhan-Misberia is split up into two kingdoms, Zuhan and Misberia respectfully. Inside each kingdom there are multiple claims. In Zuhan there is four claims in, Michigan, Maine, Australia and Antarctica. Misberia has seven claims and they are in, Maine, Washington, Netherlands, Greenland, Canada and Scotland.

Crowned Kingdom of Zuhan
Name Flag Coat of Arms Population Founded Notes
Imperial City One June 2nd 2020 Dual Capital with New Mistak
Kingdom of Machias One June 2nd 2020 Claim in Maine
Principality of Balls Pyramid One June 2nd 2020 Ceremonial Claim
Unnamed Kingdom N/A June 4th 2020 Ceremonial Claim
Crowned Kingdom of Misberia
Name Flag Coat of Arms Population Founded Notes
Commune of New Mistak Two June 2nd 2020 Dual Capital with Imperial City
Queendom of Sinsini One June 2nd 2020 Claim in Washington
Kingdom of Helluland One June 2nd 2020 Multiple Duchies, one ceremonial
Principality of Rowe and Mara Isles One June 2nd 2020 Ceremonial Claim
State of Leenderkapperllerbos One June 2nd 2020 Claim in Netherlands
Free City of Songo Two June 5th 2020 Claim in Maine
State of Highland One June 7th 2020 Claim in Maine


See Misberian Language, Misberian Culture and Zuhanese Culture for more information.



The culture of Misberia comprises a shared heritage and culture primarily in New England that is shaped by its indigenous peoples, early English colonists, and waves of immigration from Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas. In contrast to other American regions, many of New England's earliest Puritan settlers came from eastern England, contributing to New England's distinctive accents, foods, customs, and social structures. In Misberian culture folk music and outdoor activities make up the majority of the social activities of Misberia. besides folk music and outdoor activities the nation enjoys board games and video games such as Minecraft. There are several American English accents spoken in Misberia including New England English. The New England English dialect is native to the region. Many of its most stereotypical features (such as r dropping and the so-called broad A) are believed to have originated in Boston from the influence of England's Received Pronunciation, which shares those features. While some Boston accents are most strongly associated with the so-called "Eastern Establishment" and Boston's upper class, the common accent is locally prevalent and predominantly associated with blue-collar natives exemplified by movies like Good Will Hunting and The Departed. The Boston accent and accents closely related to it cover eastern Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine. On 26 December 2018, Archie Birch and Jack Reach decided they wanted to create their own language and have it used by the national government of Misberia. The language is a mix of Germanic and Romance languages, it is usually spelled using English pronunciations with the mix of Germanic and romance letter soundings. The language uses the old Anglo Saxon language script Elder Futhrak. The language has been slow to create but currently has over 750 words over the last two years. Misberia has no official language but Christianity of some sort is represented by over eighty percent of the population. The nation has adopted its own calendar with the Gregorian Calendar split into four months along the solstices and equinoxes and the beginning year of the calendar is 1492 for the representation on when Europeans started coming to North America. The months are named after Wabanaki Native American gods.


See Misberian History and Zuhanese History for more information.


26th March 2019 - 2nd June 2020

The Zuhan Empire declared its independence from the United States on March 26, 2019. It started out in the bedroom of the Emperor and has expanded since. The nation held elections for Princes for the Royal Council in April of 2019. Five people were elected as Princes including Thomas I of Hrafnarfjall and Prince Luis of the Kingdom of Altia. By mid-June, the nation faced inactivity and a deal was struck between Connor and Archie Birch which allowed either party to take over the other if either party stepped down from the community. On January 1, 2020, the deal was officially agreed upon where Zuhan was handed to United Kingdoms of Misberia and Caloudonum to become a commonwealth as Zuhan had become inactive. After Misberia dissolved, the Second Zuhan Empire was founded by Emperor Connor I and decided to revive the nation and bringing it back into life. The Second Zuhan Empire formed as an absolute monarchy with HIM Emperor Connor I as the Emperor. During March of 2020, the nation was once again falling back into severe inactivity. In an attempt to revive the nation, Connor gave up absolute control over the Empire and reformed the government into a constitutional monarchy with a parliament in April of 2020.On June 2nd 2020, Misberia and Zuhan unified to form the Crowned Confederacy of Zuhan-Misberia.


14th March 2020 - 2nd June 2020

On 14 March 2020, Misberia reformed into the Directive of Misberia and officially became public for the community. The nation is still reorganizing itself after the dissolution of its predecessor. The nation has attracted some well known and previous Misberian and Community officials allowing the nation to go right into functioning. COVID-19 has surprisingly brought the nation into a steady increase of activity and has seen the nation work harder and better to help the local communities. The nation was brought into localization after Archie Birch became disinterested and realized if Misberia were to become a town it would need to be a localized government. On 20 March 2020, after the nation became localized, most government positions were taken by old members of the historic founder's council which lead Misberia from November 2018 to February 2020. On March 20th the constitution was finalized and approved from the National Directive Council as well as seven citizens who wished to sign the document. On this day Archie Birch was made Premier of the nation and became the leader and figurehead of the nation. On 22 March 2020, the very first nonregional citizens, since then only four out of the seven nonregional citizens have accepted this and have become active members of the national government. Misberia has recently signed a treaty of recognition with Empire of Adammia one of the original inspirations for the foundation of the Misberian state and its proto states. Misberia has opened its doors to more non Mainers and has established a Misberian Worker's Council for members of the non Mainer population to have a voice in the government. Misberian Failed Coup of May 2020 occurred on the evening of May 23rd and resulted in the loss of 75% of the population but quickly rebounded when the community can in support to help Misberia. On June 2nd 2020, Misberia and Zuhan unified to form the Crowned Confederacy of Zuhan-Misberia.

Foreign Relations

See CCZM Relations for more information

The foreign relations of the Crowned Confederacy is somewhat limited due to the nation just unifying recently. The nation is a member of the Grand Unified Micronational as the successor state of the Directive of Misberia. The main delegate, Archie Birch is currently the Statistics Secretary has been very vocal on encouraging and allowing more leeway for the Asian Pacific nations to attend more organizational Quorums. The Secondary Delegate is Emperor Connor I of the Crowned Kingdom of Zuhan. Currently Zuhan-Misberia is working with many of its allies, most notably with the Reino de Atlia on a cultural exchange program and with the Kingdom of Hrafnarfjall on working on many treaties and most notably a new organization called the Vespucci Zone. The nation recognizes 27 nations and has treaties with all of them and is a member of seven organizations and is a founder of the, New England Sector with Leónsle.