Republic of Dolvia

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Republic of Dolvia
Coat of arms

Una Terra
O' Glory Great Land
Piave Mormorava
Map of Dolvia.png
Map of Dolvia
Capital cityDolvia City
Largest cityDolvia City
Official language(s)English
Official religion(s)Catholicism, Christianity, Sikh, Islam.
GovernmentFederal Republic
Established22 August 2018
Area claimed4.4 acres
Time zoneEST
National sportEuropean Football
National drinkMalayan Tapir

Dolvia, more commonly known as the Republic of Dolvia, is a self-declared democratic micronation. Dolvia is based in New Jersey, with two recognized cities. Dolvia uses a multi party system, extremist ideologies are banned. Dolvia has no military, but instead has a Defense Force. Dolvia is a mostly neutral state but has political ties to other nations.


Before Dolvia, the land was ruled by Crolandia. Crolandia was a totalitarian oligarch. The fascist government fell int he summer of 2019, leaving a power vacuum in its place. Dolvia formed on August 20, 2020, but Crolandian culture is still widely excepted.


Dolvia is a Federal Republic, with ministries controlling the sub government. These include; Ministry of War and Diplomacy, Ministry of Transportation and Industry, Ministry of the State, Ministry of Health. The current ruling party is the United Libertarian Union (ULU), with President Ryan von Junken leading the party. Other notable parties include; The Centrist Party, the Social Liberal Party, and the Independent Party. The official logo of the ULU uses the the Malayan Tapir. A president is elected every month on the 22nd. There are infinite terms. Ministers are selected by the President after the election.


Dolvia uses the Dolvian Shuntt as it's currency. The Shuntt is backed by aluminum, which fluctuates in price. The Shuntt comes in comes in multible numerals; 100, 250, 400, 650, and 800. The Shuntt is printed and minted by the Bank of Dolvia, which is nationalized under the government.

The 100 Shuntt.

Climate and Terrain

Dolvia's terrain is very simplistic, and seasonal. The skies are often blue without clouds, the trees are green almost all year round, and temperature can vary depending on the time of year. Snowfall is not common but still possible, though in the past decade, snowfall rates have dropped severely. During the Spring and Summer seasons, Dolvia can reach an average temperature of 89-92 Degrees Fahrenheit.

Diplomacy and Actions

Date Action
8/22/2018 Independence if officialized
9/5/2018 Crolandia Joins the League of Micronations
9/13/2018 Fascism is banned
9/17/2918 Industrialization
11/3/2018 Mastantinople becomes an official state
12/12/2018 Sidewalk Enclave becomes an official state
12/12/2018 Crolandia allies with Misberia
12/12/2018 Crolandia allies with Ikonia
1/1/2019 The Crolandian Treasury has a referendum
7/6/2019 Governor of the Sidewalk State pushes to ban foreign usage.
7/6/2019 Crolandia allies with Exolvista
8/20/2020 Dolvia is Founded