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Republic of Cristellia

To strive to our best
Northwest, United States of America
Capital city Xiephia
Largest city Port Florence
Official language(s) None at national level
Official religion(s) None at national level
Short name Cristellia
Demonym Cristellian
Government Unitary one-party socialist republic
- Supreme Leader Living Chicken
- Chancellor Vacant
Legislature National Congress
Established 20 September 2018
Area claimed 656,484.286 km² (253,470 mi²)
Population 5 (as of December, 2018 census)
Currency Floren
Time zone UTC-7 (Cristellia Standard Time)
National sport Marching Band
National dish Chicken Nuggets
National drink Water
National animal Lion
Patron saint St. Gilbert
This nation is not a member of any organizations.

Official Website

Cristellia, officially the Republic of Cristellia is a micronation that claims to be a sovereign state located in the Northwestern United States. It was established on 20 September 2018 and later reformed on 3 February 2019. The nation is not recognized by the United Nations or the United States of America.


The name Cristellia originates from the word “Crystal” and the suffix "lia". The official demonym is Cristellian. The official abbreviation is "CRI".



On the 20th of September, 2018, the Empire of Nilfgaard & Redania was formed. It started off as a simulation or a roleplay state until Supreme Leader Living Chicken realizes they’ve done something wrong. They weren’t being serious about secession which upsets Living Chicken. Also the false claimings of Marie Byrd Land violated the Antarctic Treaty and lower the nation’s reputation. This had a very devastating after effect.


On the 2nd of February, 2019, Supreme Leader Living Chicken delivered a State of the Union Address of 2019, a mere three days before United States President Donald J. Trump delivered his. The SOTUA covered topics on apologizing for the false claims on Marie Byrd Land, recognizing the Antarctic Treaty, and the future for the self-proclaimed nation heading towards secession. The nation is currently undergoing a reform as the National Congress passed the Reform Act of 2019.

On the 3rd of February, 2019, the micronation’s name reformed to Cristellia and temporarily merged with the Genesis Council of Arkovia because teamwork is better than one. By then, Supreme Leader Living Chicken will have one week to decide if they want to continue to stay in the Genesis Council or withdraw and continue Cristellia.

On the 10th of February, 2019, Cristellia officially leaves and withdraw from the Genesis Council of Arkovia. Supreme Leader Living Chicken has done citizenship work for Arkovia but has decided to continue Cristellia’s journey to secession from the United States of America.

Government & Politics

Main article: Government of Cristellia

Cristellia is a socialist, authoritarian, and dictatorship republic state controlled entirely by the Supreme Leader, also known as the General Secretary of the Red Workers Party. The nation is a one-party state and will only allow one political party to exist and that's the Red Workers Party. The country does however has a Representative Democracy which allows Representatives from the National Congress to vote and create laws for the country.

National Congress

The National Congress is made up of 100 Representatives from Cristellia. Their goal is to create new laws and have it signed by the Chancellor. They also help vote on the Chancellor and Ministers the Supreme Leader appoints.

Line of Succession

This is the line of succession of government officials from the Republic of Cristellia.

No Office Incumbent Party
1 Supreme Leader Living Chicken Red Workers Party


This is a list for all of the current ministries in Cristellia.

Ministries Logo Head Purpose Employees Foundation
Cristellia Ministry of Immigration (CMI) [[File:|100px]] N/A Grants people citizenships, passports, and visas. Includes the Immigration Task Force (ITF) and the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). 5 September 20, 2018
Cristellia Ministry of Foreign Affairs (CMFA) [[File:|100px]] N/A Control and maintain diplomatic and foreign relations with other countries. 5 September 20, 2018
Cristellia Ministry of Space (CMS) [[File:|100px]] N/A The only space program for Cristellia. 5 September 20, 2018
National People’s Treasury (NPT) [[File:|100px]] N/A The national bank for Cristellia and the ones that distribute wealth. Also includes the National Reserve which stores emergency national money. 5 November 1, 2018
Cristellia Ministry of Education (CME) [[File:|100px]] N/A Education is a requirement for the people of Cristellia. 5 December 7, 2018
Cristellia Ministry of Culture (CMC) [[File:|100px]] N/A Manages tourism and culture for Cristellia such as video games, history of the country, etc. 5 December 12, 2018
National Supreme Court of the People (NSCP) [[File:|100px]] N/A The national court for Cristellia controlled by the Cristellia Ministry of Justice. 5 December 13, 2018
Cristellia Ministry of Justice (CMJ) [[File:|100px]] N/A The justice system for Cristellia. 5 December 13, 2018
Cristellia Ministry of Defense (CMD) [[File:|100px]] N/A Support the military, police force, and defense system. 5 January 10, 2019
Cristellia Ministry of Health (CMH) [File:100px]] N/A Provide health insurance, human health information, and welfare to the family and people. 5 January 14, 2019

Parties & Elections

Cristellia holds one election every six years where the people vote for Representatives for the National Congress. The Supreme Leader has a life term and the Chancellor has two terms, each being five years long. The Chancellor and Ministers are appointed by the Supreme Leader.

There are and can only be one major ruling political party in Cristellia. Creating another party will result in treason.

Party Logo Party Leaders Ideology Representatives Status
Red Workers Party (RWP) - Ruling party [[File:|100px]] Living Chicken Socialism
100 / 100

Law & Order


Foreign Relations

Cristellia is not looking for any micronational diplomacy because they view micronational alliances and diplomacies to be worthless. They are only looking for recognition from countries that are members of the United Nations. The nation does not recognize Taiwan or the Republic of China.

Formal Recognition

Countries that Cristellia is Planning to get Recognition From


Main article: Military of Cristellia

The Cristellian Armed Forces consists of four branches, the Cristellian Army, the Cristellian Air Force, the Cristellian Navy, and the Red Space Force. These were the five former branches: The National Revolutionary Army, the Redanian Liberation Army, the Royal Nilfgaardian Air & Naval Divisions, and the Royal Red Space Force.

Geography & Climate

Cristellia is around some very geologically active and historical environment. The claimed land of this nation overlaps the entirety of the continental United States which includes the states of Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and parts of Montana.

Territories, Cities, & Provinces

These are the lists of territorial claims for Cristellia.

Name Population Location
Sunpoint 1 Washington (state), Oregon, Idaho, and parts of Montana
Capital City
Xiephia (formerly Vizima) 1 Republic of Cristellia
Port Florence 1 Republic of Cristellia
Special Administrative Regions
Phrens (formerly Cintra) 1 Guangdong, China (Mainland China, People’s Republic of China)


Cristellia uses the Floren as its main currency and is distributed in the People's National Bank. The bank is controlled by the Government of Cristellia and it is the only available bank in the country that’s for public use.


Cristellian culture has been heavily influenced by the rapid growth of technology and the internet.

Gaming in Cristellia

All game consoles and video games are available to the general public. The only video game that is banned in Cristellia is Fortnite.


Cristellia has five official holidays recognized by the Government.

Holiday Date Meaning
New Year's Day January 1 Celebration of a New Year.
Establishment Day September 20 Celebration of the creation of Cristellia.
Christmas December 25 Celebration of Jesus Christ's birth.
New Years Eve Dec 31 Celebration of the end of a year.



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