Creative economics

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Creative economics could be the key to making a working economy that works differently and maybe better than anything that currently exists. When Economics and Philosophy come together the possibilities are endless.

My first creative economics idea I call Variable middle ground Currency. Currency local value Currency Trading value Local value is backed by Avocado. 1 Avocado will always be $1 Trading value The trading value is variable backed by middle point of the price of the USD and the Chinese Yen. Since both are competing superpowers one will always be higher and one will always be lower. This stops the currency from going to high or to low in value. Usd and Chinese Yen was just an example Variable middle ground currency could be the middle point of any 2 currencies meaning it will always be valued higher than one of the currencies and lower than the other currency. If currency a=1 and currency b=2 than the value of the Variable middle ground currency would be 1.5. This is all possible by implementing code for exchanging which requires a variable amount to equal the currencies value to trade the amount needed.